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Would You Finance a Tattoo/Piece?

Would You Finance a Tattoo/Piece?  

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  1. 1. If you had the option would you?

    • I Would Finance
    • Never!

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I recently saw a local shop that provides financing and thought "that's weird"  because I've never even considered it an option. When I got my first sleeve it costs me about $4,800 and even though I had the money I would have rather paid in monthly installments, even if I had to pay abit of interest, just to free up some cash in the mean time.

I understand why most artists don't do it, as they want money upfront to pay for overhead/supplies and so on, but if you had the option would you? What if their was an interest charge? I think it would allow some to go to more expensive artists and get better work which would be cool, or to allow them continue their ink addiction (If I had the money I'd have a second sleeve right now). 
Let me know what you think, I'm curious! 

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or, NO!  

That would be a losing proposition in almost every case. If someone needs to finance a small tattoo, then they're never going to follow through with payments. And large tattoos get done in sessions. I'm assuming that $4,800 didn't come out of your pocket all at once, which eases the hit on your month to month budget. As much as a like tattooing and getting tattoos, I believe they are a totally unnecessary luxury and the last thing someone should be blowing money on if they can't afford them.  


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