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First tattoo- question about healing

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Well, getting right into it,
I got my first tattoo 2 days ago. For the most part, it's going fine, I love it and it seems to be following the usual healing process. I do, however, have a little dent (about 3mm) and I'm not sure what it is (no smell, pain or discharge). When I finished the tattoo I didn't have it but after cleaning it a few times, while drying with a piece of paper, I noticed littles flakes of skin and ink coming out. Since then I have been more careful, but am just a bit worried.
I've been searching around and haven't found anything that LOOKS similar, but from description I have two possible explanations
1- it was overworked and the skin caved in a bit;
2- when I dried it, I could've removed skin, since it was softer.

I'm having a hard time taking pictures of it because it is so small, but I appreciate any help (:
(in case anyone is wondering, it was done at a very reputable place and I am meeting with my artist in 2 weeks to see if I need a retouch, it was included in the price)

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