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Healing on black area of tattoo

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Hi everyone. My tattoo is 11 days old. The black lines in the tattoo have healed well. I am concerned about the black arrow point. There is no infection, but this scab doesn't seem to be healing. The lines on the arrow point seem to be less black than, say, the sun. Are those lighter because it hasn't fully healed? Also, where the scab is, the scab seems to be shallower in the middle, like a small divot or indention. I'm thinking that's because the scab sides are higher. I guess I just expect the scab to be the same on the whole surface of it, not indented in the middle. I took extremely good care of it, following healing procedures from my artist. Please let me know what you think or any advice (or reassurances!). I've attached a picture. It's a bit red because I type at my desk, and my wrist sometimes touches the edge of the desk, so it's a bit irritated. Thanks so much!


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It may have been overworked, which leads to a tough healing. Or a bit too much ointment. Or a bit too soaked while bathing. Or something else...my skin is easily irritated and all of my tattoos scab badly no matter how applied or what I do to heal them. Yours may heal up just fine; though I would expect it to be a bit cloudy for a bit as that pit closes over. If it stays cloudy long afterwards it may be due to scarring (it'll probably feel slightly raised if it's scarred). In which case let it sit for several months before getting it touched up. If the skin looks normal and the black just looks faded, then it's just that some of the ink was pulled out with the excessive scabbing and it can be touched up in a few weeks.

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Ive scratched at tattoos in my sleep as ive woken myself up doing it

so no one can say they havent picked theirs with 100% proof.


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