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Ideas for adding to current tattoo

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I have a geometric wolf tattoo that I will attatch a picture of in this post. I'm happy with it but I was wanting to add more to it to make it more of a sleeve in a way. I was thinking some good tree line work. Maybe like a forest around it with a moon. Any suggestions of what to add? 


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Plan ahead. Some tattoos just aren't meant to have more stuff tacked onto them to make them bigger.  Anything you join to it should be significantly lighter in tone or it's going to look like a jumbled mess.

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On 31 December 2016 at 1:59 PM, ksjusha1989 said:

The tattoo is really good. And if you want to add something look here http://stylemann.com/best-wolf-tattoo-ideas/ Maybe you will find a few details that you will add. Especially I liked that geometric figures on your tattoo. 

And I wanted to ask: Does it meen anything for you?


Whats wrong with getting a tattoo because you like it nowdays?

ever since miami stink et all every tattoo must have a reason behind it.

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