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A newbs attempt at duplicating pro work.

Keep practicing?  

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  1. 1. Should I keep practicing, or is Tattooing just not for me?

    • For a week, that's not half bad, keep practicing and you'll someday be good!
    • For a week, you show potential, don't give up YET.
    • You may someday not suck so bad... but I'd quit.
    • You're horrible, jump off a cliff.

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I saw a post from user "purplethumb" and figured, hell I've been tattooing for a whole week, so let's see how I compare to a true pro (Ha)

So, without further ado, let the roast begin!


This is the OP's amazing work.


This is my work ( a complete newb, practicing on Pig skin for 1 week). Note, the vetical lines are from the machine used to de-skin the pig, not my doing.



So, as you can see, I have a LOT LOT LOT to learn. Even though doing this I did practice whip shading holding the 7M1 sideways, which was an awesome thing to learn

because now I know how he got those fine pointy shaded parts. Anyways, comment, roast, etc.. Enjoy! This is my first post here. I know I am a complete newb and I ONLY practice on pig skin.


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knowin you have a lot to learn is a good thing.

i tell that to myself every day, and hope i keep doing that... 

i think you are attempting to chew many things at one go. nothing wrong in itself, as it s just practice, and on a throw away skin.. but it could make sense to make slower steps, as in, get the lining right... practice lining on it s own. that thing you did is good practice but has too little lining. try doodling, writing freehand, straight lines, curves...

try shading on simpler shapes.. sphere / cube.. leaves, cherry. do them as long as it takes...

i know it sounds boring, but if you focus on too much at one go, then everything gets diluted. 

i would read a lot, or take a course on bloodborne pathogens / cross contamination etc.. never touch real skin before you know your shit on this one, and well..

what machines  / needles are you using?







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