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Tattoo Has Peeled Away

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Hi guys I have been tattooing for about 2 years but recently I have done a foot tattoo. I have touched up about 4 times in the last 3 months and most recently the "tattoo washed off in the shower". Is it something I'm doing wrong? I have read that over moistening while healing can cause the ink to draw out of the skin.

This hasn't happened before with anyone else.

Please help!!

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This is from a few years ago so hopefully you’ve gotten better with your ink? And can answer your own question by now...but just your question tells me a few things...your tattooing out of your house and not a shop...you haven’t done and apprenticeship, so basically your so-called clients are the one suffering because of this...

Going back into the same tattoo four times in a three month period is just out right ridiculous! But to answer your question, you didn’t catch the  dermal layer of the skin… Meaning you did not go deep enough… Your tattoo was in the epidermis it’s just caused it to fall out 

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