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kreepy kentucky

Hello Everybody

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Hello Everybody-

My name is Josh and I work and live in South Central Kentucky. I have only been tattooing for 2 and a half years now but seem to be picking it up fast, though I know I still have copious amounts to learn. I have been doing graphic design, commercial and fine art all my adult life and came into tattooing after loosing my professional toy prototype sculpting job to Chinese sculptors which can always do it cheaper.

Over the next couple of days I'll try and figure out how to post some of my work and take a look around the forum to see what is going on.

You can see samples of my work on my website at www.kreepykentucky.com

Thanks! - jOsh

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Yeah, i`m not clicking that link...

Just a suggestion, but could you maybe post pics into the topic rather than a web address?

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