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Need Advice On Buing Reliable Tattoo Kit On The Net

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Hey guys, I just started practicing tattooing a little while ago, with a home made prison style tattoo gun, and using grapefruit and bananas as my canvases.

I'm saving up some money, for an actual starter kit, to continue my practice on pig skin and so on.

I'm not looking for pro or amazing quality, I just want a practical and trusty kit, that's not too expensive, which would serve well on tattooing human flesh in the coming future.

The reason why I chose to try and find one on ebay or any other internet store(maybe there are some really good ones for tattoo suplies) is because I live in Lithuania, it's a small country on the baltic shore, in eastern/middle Europe, and in our country there isn't really that much going on with the tattoo culture, atleast suply wise. Therefore, I thought that the almighty internet could connect me to someone who would acquire for me such technology.

So maybe you guys could help me?

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the cheaper kits aren't that great.

some suppliers do offer entry level kits but they aren't cheap. Id recommend avoiding the eBay kits and save a bit longer for something worthwhile.

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You wont get very far here with talk of using a homemade 'gun'. I'm not even going to ask what you used for a needle ... nor do I want you to tell me.

Aside from that, dont waste your money on a tattoo kit. Regardless of whatever you're told, they're all pretty much crap.

You'll get a few five dollar chinese machines, some cheap ass chinese ink I wouldn't poison my neighbors dog with, and about three dollars worth of 'accessories'

Spend your money on art supplies. Paper, pencils, brushes and paint. Buy a few books, and educate yourself a little before you do something that you, and your friends, will regret.

You need to read, learn, and improve your art before you go sticking needles in anyones skin.You also need to learn everything you can about a tattoo machine. How to use it, how to tune it, how to clean it. How to rip it apart, put it back together, and even retune it for a specific purpose or needle group.

If you need a gun, then try firearms.com

If you're looking to learn, improve your artwork, and move forward in a safe and proper manner, then you've come to the right place.

Post some of your sketches or paintings so we can see where you're at.

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