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My Tattoo Machine Journey Comes To And End...

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Approx 18 mos ago, I decided to try out as many tattoo Machines as I could...I had my Daily Drivers, to hand , and I knew I could rely on them .So what could go wrong, with some money in my Paypal account, off I set...I made no difference between Coil or Rotary, didn't matter if it was from Argentina, or Falkirk, Hawaii or Hollywood, if it looked like I could get on with it, or if it was already an established make, I would try it out..I funded this journey, by buying and selling, swapping and part exchange/ trading...Unless you are experienced, and aware of the financial value of tattoo machines, I suggest you don't try this yourself..

I am aware this is an open forum, therefore, I won't be giving any secrets away, nor will I be suggesting the good, or the bad, Please bear in mind, just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you..If you want to know specifics, simply pm me...

In no particular order,but, I will list the Coil Machines first.... I tried and tested the following..

Infinite Irons.. Liner


Hepworth.. Liner

Soba Pilot..Shader

Mao.. Shader


Cain.. Liner


Soba Clipper..Shader

Paco Brass..Liner

TED TED..Liner

TED TED..Shader

Junebug..Shader 2003

Junebug..Liner 2006

Sunskin.. Shader 2006

M Sharpz ..Liner 2005 (Sold to ISMI...R.I.P)

M Sharpz..Liner 1998

Eikon Green Monster..various

Paco Rollins..Custom Liner

Next Gen.. Liner

Next Gen ..Shader 2001



Mao.. Liner




Rotary Machines......

Action Rotary

Rotary Works

Swash Drive Gen 6

Swash Drive Gen 7

Swash Drive Whip

Dino Cassarin Bazooka

Dino Cassarin Adjustable

NeoTat 2.5mm

NeoTat 3.0MM(L/S)

Dragonfly Med Stroke

Hyper V2

HM La Pinta





Special Techniques Tracker

Evolution Rotary

Old Timer Rotary

I have probably forgot about 10+ machines, but I will add as I remember them...Now here is the important part I learned, if you don't know how to tune, and then fine tune a machine, you will never achieve your full potential, and not get the best from your machine..Simple as that..In addition, big bucks does not a great machine buy..Ok, if you only spend a couple of pennies ,then you will get a machine, which reflects your financial outlay, but, don't think if you shell out £450 /$650 then it will make your work better, that won't happen...At one time I had 40+ Machines, so I decided to "de-clutter" now, after 18 months, I have 7 Machines, which suit me perfect, and I know exactly how they perform....and only two of my original daily drivers survived, both by Buzzbrush, the others are Nicky's, Spektra,Kubins,Special Technique..Was it worth the hassle and the stress, probably not, but unless, you try what else is available, then you might never know..

I am aware, that there is a host of Builders, it would be near impossible to try them all , bear in mind, a Review takes approx 2 weeks, so it can be time consuming..I look forward to shutting down my Studio, so I can focus on improving my Art and relaxing for a few months.

Just because I didn't mention your name, machine, or thanked you, just means I forgot, ok, LOL...Peace to all, any questions, fire away,But, don't ask for specifics, unless you PM me.....And of course, IMO there is a best tattoo machine ever, and we all know what it is.......P

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Fuck a duck! thats alot of machines, it properly would of been easyer to name the ones you havnt tried lol

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This doesn't scratch the surface of what is available....Oh there should also be a Dano Collins Machine 2004,and a Pair or of Pulse Machines (Watson & Evolution), a Genuine Swiss, a Peter Tiegs, a Bishop....and a shit load more added to the list....

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We all know the best machine ever but we also know that YOU have the only one in the world http://forum.ink-tra...__hl__wangchung tongue.png


I still shed a tear, all you had to do was switch it on, look at the person, and that was it.....For colour you just turned the switch to Rainbow and picked yer colour...Memories...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtu9RXeYSLU&feature=related

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I have always been impressed by Nippys insatiable appetite for machines. It has long been known that he secretly has owned every machine ever built, but only admits to a modest hundred or so. It takes great dedication, and no small bit of sacrifice, to buy/trade/swap/collect so many machines.

I have only ever had four machines. None are special, flashy, or unique in any way. I built them all myself, with the exception of one frame, and they all run beautifully. For me, anyway. I've never had the desire to really collect machines, and even less desire to own some of the more well known builder or artists machines.

Props to Nip ... it is through him that I can live vicariously simply by reading his opinions and reviews, and get on with my daily grind knowing that my average, ordinary machines are really all one needs to lay down a nice clean line..... but i guess I've always been low maintenance, easily satisfied, simple kind of guy.

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Godoy Banana, RW Springer, FKI Proton ,FKI Galaxie, NEDZ Rotary, should also be on the list...The actual Mao Shader I used was recently for sale on ebay, I don't know who the seller was,but that was one sweet machine...anybody wants any opinion on any of the machines that I have mentioned, drop me a pm...

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Damn.....that's a gang a shit there!! Hahaha I thought I had a thing for machines!! blink.png

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lol that's a lot of coil machines. i think you gave away a secret when you said "if you don't know how to tune, and then fine tune a machine, you will never achieve your full potential, and not get the best from your machine..Simple as that". you should learn how to tune a machine, man. 

wow... that must have cost a fortune... seriously, learn to tune a machine. most tattooers i know can make anything run like a dream.

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