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Tattoo Basics

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So I did it. I got the book and tried out the website. The book is fairly informative. I love the breakdown of cold/warm/hot zones when setting up. Compared to a lot of book it covers more a lot of things in more detail. I would consider it on-par with mad hatters black book. Better in some areas and less so in others. I was hoping that the web site that the book pushes would be a really good resource and make up for what the book lacks. My final impression is that it was set up with high hopes, but falls short from lack of users and lack of information. For a book that pushes the idea of "you need to have an apprenticeship!" it gives no information on what you need to do to acquire an apprenticeship. While the book answers many questions that i had, it leaves other open and the web site might develop into something given time, however if the only people that have access to the site are those that buy the book then I don't think that the pool of knowledge will ever be that deep.

Final thoughts: The book is worth it for the description of zones of contamination alone. There are a few additional nuggets of info, but the black book covers most of it better. The web site that you get access to with purchase of the book is severely lacking, so you are better off sticking with ink trails. I think this would be a great first time buy for someone wanting info who had not purchased another resource already.

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I recently purchased this book and was a bit surprised at how basic the information was. I know that I don't know all that much, but everything covered in the book was so rudimentary that I found myself bored with reading it. Additionally, it is FULL of typos and grammatical errors. The publisher really should have invested in an editor before releasing this to the public. It's actually an embarrassment how badly it is written.

I have also found the website to be difficult to navigate and lacking fresh, informative content. Most of the content on the site was taken directly from the book -- typos and all. The only reason I see the site to exist is to cross-reference sections in the text based on subject and context. But since it's all basic, foundational information there should be no reason to go back.

Unless you are so new that you know nothing about tattooing, save your money. If you are a total beginner and no nothing, then this would be a good place to start. Just ignore the poor writing.

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