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J.J. Flash

Guidelines For Posting Questions

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HOW TO QUESTIONS: IPB Suite is an extremely robust software platform, with much more added functionality than many other forums. Before posting any questions, make sure you make an effort to determine if any difficulties you might be having can be solved by getting your hands dirty and exploring. Once you've exhausted all avenues, feel free to ask a question about how to accomplish a given task and we'll try our best to answer (we're still learning this software as well).

REPORTING BUGS: if you encounter an error message that you don't understand, or are unable to view attachments make sure to let us know specifics about the issue. Such as:

  • Detailed description of the issue
  • The URL of the problem page or post
  • Your OS (Operating System) and browser

If it turns out to be a bug, we'll be able to contact the company for support and address the issue.

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