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outline needle size?

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Just wanted to ask you guys how you decide what needle grouping to use for outlining on what size tattoo? What i'm finding is that i'm being a bit overly conservative and going too small for the piece because im a little nervous of having too heavy a line. Problem is with a skinny outline and a lack of experience thickening up can be a pretty stressful event...
I suppose it's like a golfer selecting which club to use. lol

i'm doing great on shading and coloring and have a pretty good idea of what needles to use for what effects and where etc...its just this damn lining hoodoo...i need to get some confidence with thicker lines.

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Hi there i mainly use 5rl or 7rl for most of my work, i go to 3rl if im doing hairs and small details.
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go w 5 or 7. then move up . anything larger your going to need to change your technique and or speed or force of machine . 5s decent and good enough to use on damn near anything.
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I only use 5rl and 8rl and I just decide by what I think will look best with the design, size of the tattoo, size of the area being tattooed.


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Why dont you just run a series of lines & curves on a practice skin with different size needles.

That way you've got a reference on hand to decide what needles to use. I'd go with 3, 5 & 7's, oh & don't bother lining with 1 liners!!
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