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Found 6 results

  1. eros_gates

    Ecoline Brush Pens for Flash?

    I just ordered a 10 color set of Ecoline watercolor brush pens as I keep seeing such positive reviews & have heard many people praising the paint-load in each pen as well as the fact that they actually contain PAINT as opposed to colored dye.. I'm just wondering if anybody has used/uses these specific brush pens to whip up flash? If so, how do you enjoy them & do you have any pointers/tips for a newcomer with the product?? Thanks!!
  2. eros_gates

    Finding Medium Preferences..

    Hey all, just wanted to get some opinions and possibly examples of works. I currently have a set of Dr. PH Martin's india inks, as well as Hydrus watercolors. Some off brand copic-styled markers & a set of tombow sketching markers.. I will say, the tombow markers are really strange, water-based & I'm really unsure as to how I feel about them. Anyways, I wanted to see if people had any pointers or advice for an entry-level flash artist? I am putting together a portfolio in hopes of garnering an apprenticeship in the near future.. I wanted to post some pictures of my recent works but, it just tells me the size is too large no matter what. So, who prefers india inks, liquid watercolors or Copic markers? And in regards to each, what tips and advice can you offer a novice? Also, I would love to share my art with you guys so if someone can help me out in that department I would greatly appreciate it, as I don't consider my pieces to be complete crap.
  3. Hi. I'm totally new to tattooing I was considering getting a tattoo similar to this one https://tattoozza.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/il_570xN.800031733_f6lo.jpg but then I was told that watercolor tattoos start looking really bad once they healed. is it true? do you have some experience with watercolor tattoos?
  4. Anyone want to help me help South Korea:) Please share ! My name is Chelsea Votel and Im trying to get in contact with some International doctors. Im currently helping Korea tattoo artists association fight the fight to legalize tattooing in South Korea. I am writing in hopes of obtaining a letter from you to support this. At this time the law in South Korea states that it is illegal to give a tattoo unless it is given by a licensed Md but finding a doctor that tattoos is extremely rare! This law needs to be regulated. Having artists tattoo with out this regulation its more dangerous. South Korea government approved the idea of legalizing in last weeks meeting l but they need to convince the Ministry of Health to be on board with this idea. Ministry of Health strongly believes that tattoo is a medical procedure.The South Korean government requested that we received letters from International doctors saying that in their country doctors don't tattoo as well explaining the importance of receiving a health tattoo by an artist with current and current certificates and training. Its a very simple letter that can help us out in a BIG BIG way! If you or anyone you think could help please Contact Chalsea Votel Yopickles@getmeinked.com I can send you a sample letter and more details as well. If you have time check out the amazing artists work www.facebook.com/groups/InkedKorea you'll see why Im fighting so hard for these amazingly talented artists. Its extremely unfair that these artists are being treated like criminals for expressing art. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon Thank you Chelsea Votel
  5. Killa_Kamila

    Recommend Good Red Watercolor

    So I purchased FW inks for painting flash and the "crimson" looks more like a pinkish orange. Can anyone recommend me a good red more on the dark crimson side and a bright ruby red? I am open to using either FW inks or Dr. Martins. I been eyeing FW's "Red Earth"... anyone use that before?