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Found 3 results

  1. Chrissemac

    Problem with speed

    Hey I’ve been tattooing for 5 years and recently moved studio, I’m enjoying working there However there is one issue. The owner has been tattooing for 20+yrs and basically does one style . They’ve been getting at me for my speed, I know I’m not slow I’m just slower than them and I do a variety of different styles. My last studio I was the mid range speed artist so I know I’m about average speed (the manager based pricing on my speed) but I keep getting grief about my speed to point I’m having to do a lot of touch ups cos I’m getting made to feel I should rush (yeah I know I shouldn’t) also I don’t really charge p/h I tend to give set pricing so the customer isn’t getting any extra charge if I do run over. I’ve tried to explain I’m not willing to sacrifice my quality for speed but they keep getting at me, how do I broach this without causing further issues. Anyone any advice I don’t want it to become such a big deal I wanna leave. I got grief cos I wanted to try colour realism and it took me 90-120mins for a hyper realism rose which I don’t think is too terrible. Cheers in advance
  2. Uniqueink


    Hi dudes & dudettes im Looking for a realism tattooist to work in our studio in york, North Yorkshire any help ? Thanks
  3. HI everyone, Venom Ink is a busy studio in Hindley, Wigan UK. We are looking for an experienced good all round tattooist to take up an opening in our studio. You must have a good portfolio of work and be able to commit. Email to samtattoo80@gmail.com www.Facebook.com/venominkwigan Cheers