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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys been using 'Reelskin tattoo practice skin and I must say it's the best I have ever used. I have quite a few artworks done on it and it's the closest think I have used to actually skin :). does anyone know where I can sell my artwork :).
  2. LithiumPoweredSun

    Odd skin rash thing?

    Heya! I've had a few tattoos in my life and they've all healed up pretty normal but this most recent one I had done in April, while it still looks good and the ink stayed in, is having a weird irritation that neither I nor my artist can identify. It doesn't hurt, it only itched for a day or two when it first showed up three weeks ago, but it's still there. Raised up, red, bumpy kinda skin, only where there's shading. Any ideas? Can't post a pic cause it's too large a file.
  3. I was wondering if tattoo ink stains your skin? How long do the stains last? Would certain conditions (Such as heat or sun exposure) make it stain longer? I know it seems dumb and random, but my friend-self appointed patron of all things piercing and tattoo related-says it doesn't stain at all. And I think it would to some extent, considering the fact that when deposited subcutaneously the shit lasts forever... I'm also curious about the longevity of a stain-would it last as long as the ink from say, a sharpie? And the science behind it, why the difference in staying power between the inks? I don't really know why, but I seriously want to know about this.