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Found 7 results

  1. jessbronink

    best custom design websites?

    this site probably has the best tattoo designs ive seen.. beats google images http://linktrack.info/.253k8
  2. AdmiralFisher

    Gangsta Dog

    A friend asked me to sketch his dog and modify him a bit, adding some newschool elements and this is the result What do you guys think?
  3. holdfast.wilson

    Drawing For Portfolio.

    So for a while now i have been setting myself up to set up a portfolio and finally look for an apprenticeship. Here are a few drawings i done last night. I want to focus more on traditional american so these will probably not be put in to the folio. Critique welcome. Oh and here is 2 of my realism drawings just to show i can draw. lol.
  4. VonFarko

    Sword Eye

    I was at the doc today and drew this on the back of my medical history report. Just for funsies. Resolution might be weird cuz I took a pic of it from my phone, emailed that to myself and then resized it and uploaded it here. It was about 3 inches across. Thanks, Vf
  5. VonFarko

    Memento Mori Sketch

    Here is a rough sketch for a memento mori themed design. I know that like most things this has been done (better) a million times over but if you know me, I love skeletons and that is how this idea was born. I thought it would be cool to have a skeleton trapped in a glass container, that turned into an hourglass, install a banner (shitty writing, I know. But it's just a start.) and add the other elements to it. I put a lid that looks like it was opened with a can opener as a symbol that there is an, "escape route" the meaning of which will be left to your interpretation. The roses came last and I am not loving them, they may make it to the final draft and may not, what do you think? This will have a completely different feel in black and grey pencil on paper. This sketch was done next to the last sketch I submitted to the daily doodle section, titled "Bad Dreams." Why that matters, I don't know. Thanks for your looks and comments/ critiques. I'll post the progress on this... VF
  6. VonFarko


    Here is a drawing of an eagle. I took a copy of an eagle that I found in a library book and went off of that alone. I tried my best to capture all the detail the copy would show. Thanks everyone, VF