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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, I had this peony flower done on my right arm back in the middle of September. It’s completely black and gray, no other colors, and the artist used a very light gray for the inner petals. Because of this, my blood swelled up to the lightly shaded area almost immediately and by the time he was finished with the tattoo, it looked like a bright red flower. Of course, he assured me the red would go away and once healed the petals of the flower would be a light gray. Almost six weeks later and while the red has faded, it’s still a little pink. It’s still not black and gray. I have other pieces from the same artist which are completely black and gray, but for some reason the light gray shading on this flower isn’t working out. I also notice that if I get hot or I rub the tattoo, the shading gets a dark red again. I talked to my artist and he said he doesn’t know what exactly happened, and he doesn’t know if it the pink/red tint will ever go away. But what do you guys think? Am i stuck with a pink flower forever or will the petals eventually become a light gray by month two or something?
  2. I got my tattoo done today and it's a small snake on my wrist. It was something I'd wanted for a really long time and was very excited about it. It's my second tattoo but on the whole I'm pretty inexperienced with tattooing so I apologise if any of this comes off as rambling or makes me seem a bit clueless. All of the images I sent the artist for reference beforehand were all line pieces (literally no shading on any of them) and so I assumed I wouldn't have to tell him "no shading", and I was very happy with the guideline temporary part/ink he put on beforehand (I don't know the technical term for this, sorry) but when I looked at the tattoo towards the end of the session he'd shaded not only on the snake, but underneath it (I stole a few glances whilst he was working and thought that what turned out to be shading was just ink smudges, I would've had a better look but I'm a bit squeamish). I asked him why he'd done the shading and stopped him from darkening it any further but all he said was that the shading would fade and not be anywhere as dark as it was fresh. I was with a friend who assured me it looked good but since getting home and removing the dressing to put cream on it, I've also noticed some shakiness on the lines of the tattoo and to be honest on the whole I'm quite unhappy with it. It looks unfinished and rough/sketchy up close, but I don't know what I can do at this point and it's in such a visible place that I can't even hide it with clothing until I find a fix. Roughly how long does shading take to noticeably fade? And should I go back to the place where I got the tattoo sooner rather than later? I know that shading DOES fade with time but part of my problem is with the line work as well. The receptionist at the parlour said that they do touch-ups for free and I was wondering if getting this remedied would count as a touch-up, especially as I didn't agree to or even ask for any shading - none of the reference/inspiration images I sent had any shading whatsoever and so why this guy did any at all is beyond me. I've already paid for it obviously but I really couldn't tell when I left how bad it was when it was bleeding and under a dressing. Is it worth me making some form of complaint so that he doesn't do this to other people? Would asking someone to go over the shading/any errors in flesh/white ink help (and if this is an option roughly how long would I have to wait before having it done?)? Would it be inappropriate or rude of me to ask someone else at the same place to fix the tattoo? As it's a very fine line, I wouldn't mind it being thickened a bit if it helps make it look more professionally done and even, and I have friends who have been to the same place who are very happy with their own tattoos. Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm pretty out of my depth here, so apologies again if I come off as a bit of an idiot. (currently trying to figure out how to post images on here so will do that in due course) Thanks in advance for any help
  3. I saw a post from user "purplethumb" and figured, hell I've been tattooing for a whole week, so let's see how I compare to a true pro (Ha) So, without further ado, let the roast begin! This is the OP's amazing work. This is my work ( a complete newb, practicing on Pig skin for 1 week). Note, the vetical lines are from the machine used to de-skin the pig, not my doing. So, as you can see, I have a LOT LOT LOT to learn. Even though doing this I did practice whip shading holding the 7M1 sideways, which was an awesome thing to learn because now I know how he got those fine pointy shaded parts. Anyways, comment, roast, etc.. Enjoy! This is my first post here. I know I am a complete newb and I ONLY practice on pig skin. Original post:
  4. beni

    Filling Or Shading ?

    Hello everyone. I'm practicing on pig skin for some months, and this forum + the practicing helped me figuring out a lot of things. After a lot of frustration I'm getting closer and closer to the results I want. But there is something I still can't find out. When I want to make a large black filling with an empty space close the outline, i don't know if I should use "whip shading motions" or "filling motion". When I use whip shading motions, it looks like whip shading, obviously ! And when I use small circles filling motion, the black filling is nice, but the ending of it is, or very irregular, or too sharp. I'm using M1s, I was thinking maybe I should use curved M1 ? I don't know if i'm clear, but here is a pic to illustrate. To sum up, I can't figure out how to move the needle to get a result similar to the red circled zones on the pic. PS : Please excuse my english, it's not my native language.
  5. UnworldlyHigh

    Beginner Question

    Before I ask my question let me tell you the position I'm in so I don't get a bunch of negative responses. I want to start tattooing but there's only one shop in my area that I can get an apprenticeship from and the shop owner said I can get an apprenticeship but unfortunately not for another 4 - 5 months because at the moment he has and will have a lot on his plate. I'm very eager to learn so I went and got a starting kit and for the last month or so I've been watching and reading as much tattoo information as I can because I want to be ahead of the curve when I do get into the shop. For about two weeks now I've been practicing, only on grapefruit, to make sure my line work is solid. I've also worked on some coloring with round shaders with no problems but yesterday I began to color with magnums which brings me to my question. When shading with a 5 round magnum needle my machine starts to sputter. I believe I have my 10 coil machine tuned properly using a nickle's width as the coil/spring gap and I have the machine running smoothly at about 8.5 volts. When trying to fill in areas I've been trying to hold the machine at about 45 degrees and to use tight circles. I also try to be very conscious of just using the tip of the needle and to not ride the tube. So any ideas on what can be causing the sputtering? Do I have something tuned incorrectly or is the technique i'm using wrong? Or could the thickness or the grapefruit's skin be affecting how the machine is running? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. I'm a first year apprentice (I'll have been tattooing for a year next month). I'm mostly just looking for some advice on mags and shading techniques, as well as advice on good machines. My mentor sticks to a single kind of curved mag and gets good gradients and solids but I can't seem to get the same results. The supplier I like to order from doesn't have a list of mags so you have to know them before you order them. If someone could give me a full list of the different kind of mags and what they're meant for that would be awesome. As far as my shading, I hang the needles out about a nickles width. I have a 3-direction stretch (two fingers and opposite palm) and make small ovals with more oomph on the "push", with a good 45 degree-ish angle. I can get my solid black relatively solid without gnawing the skin but I feel like it takes me a lot longer than it should. I am so intimidated by doing large colour pieces because I feel like my shading is patchy. Even on grayscale pieces, I can't get the washes to look gradient and smooth. I don't know if it's my technique, my machine, or that the needles just aren't the best for what I want from them. As for machines, I am still using my first ones that she gave to me when I was ready. They're decent and the one i use for lining works well, but they're nothing fancy. My lines are very clean, I like to do thicker outlines (a 7 or 9 typically) and I can get good shading on smaller pieces using a round shader with that machine. I like rotaries for their simplicity, I know someone will probably tell me to try coils but quite honestly I never have tried one and my mentor hasn't used them in so long that she doesn't even recommend them anymore. I want to get a couple new rotaries and I've been looking at Bishop Rotaries but there are so many different kinds/suppliers out there that it would be useful to get pointed in the right direction. Sorry for the huge long post but I'd just really like to hear some different opinions.