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Found 3 results

  1. I saw a post from user "purplethumb" and figured, hell I've been tattooing for a whole week, so let's see how I compare to a true pro (Ha) So, without further ado, let the roast begin! This is the OP's amazing work. This is my work ( a complete newb, practicing on Pig skin for 1 week). Note, the vetical lines are from the machine used to de-skin the pig, not my doing. So, as you can see, I have a LOT LOT LOT to learn. Even though doing this I did practice whip shading holding the 7M1 sideways, which was an awesome thing to learn because now I know how he got those fine pointy shaded parts. Anyways, comment, roast, etc.. Enjoy! This is my first post here. I know I am a complete newb and I ONLY practice on pig skin. Original post:
  2. Just browsed my local "buy anything"site called Gumtree (like trading post/craigslist etc) and stumbled on this little gem ## xxxxxxxxxx Road, Lesmurdie WA 6076view on map Date Listed: 28/12/2012 Last Edited: 28/12/2012 Advertised By: Private Job Type: Casual Hey my name is dylan and im just starting up a tattoo career and im starting small from home, I havent done any tattooing yet but ive been doing it on fake skin and im progressing very well and ill be more than ready to tattoo you in 4 weeks tops So if youre keen and have enough trust me for a small tattoo give me a txt Ill only charge 30 bucks for an hour and 15 for every hour after that, Give me a txt qnd ill youll be getting tattood late January, Gotta start somewhere Sooooooooo..smart kid dylan has his full address and phone number posted on the WWW. along with a link to exactly where his house is and how to find it ...I sort of feel sorry for him already considering what just happened to Big Pete. This world cracks me up sometimes and the ones that cant spell make me really confsued! Please take a moment to say a small prayer for this foolish person and make his journey into the afterlife (intensive care) more bearable for him and his victims Mac
  3. tattoo_stu

    Prepared Too Be Shocked!

    Came across these on my facebook today! couldn't actually believe what i am seeing just thought youes would get a wee laugh while feeling a bit sick Photos Removed......You ain't allowed to directly post Pics of "other Peoples work" without there permission. You are new to this site _stu, so no harm no foul.