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Found 4 results

  1. I've been dabbling in calligraphy for a few weeks and just starting to get some basics down. I've been thinking of taking some classes on skill share to improve my fonts. My question is, is it even important? A lot of artists I see just use Microsoft word fonts. In your opinion is it worth my time? Is there considerable benefits to learning this or is it just easier to copy paste fonts like a lot of other artists. Thanks
  2. Vampiricjoker

    Tattoo I Did Yesterday

    Betty boop tattoo I did yesterday. Feed back appreciated. Still learning.
  3. DiscreetlyInk

    First "tattoo"

    Hey guys! I am always continuing my style and link work but I ended up picking up a few machines to practice and here is my first attempt at running the machine. Line work definitely is good but I happy it came out better than I thought! I tried using practice skin and I couldn't really get the feel for the ink going in and some pros told me to try melons for needle depth. Let me know what you guys think! All crits and help welcome!
  4. Herzeleid

    Piggy, Cleanliness, And Practice

    First actual post! I've done a lot of searching for the questions I have... but maybe it's just me, using the search function on the forum is wonky and it's hard to find what I'm looking for. So... I'm sorry if these have already been answered. First of all--my first tattoo machine and supplies arrived in the mail yesterday. YAY! But I haven't done much with them yet. However, I was able to set up my machine, needle and all, all by myself from the knowledge I have gathered on the interwebs. (I was very proud of myself.) So... I'm sure most of you have tried the flimsy "practice skin"... it's super thin and super shitty feeling (and smelling). I feel like the needles would go all the way through to the other side of the plastic and chew it up in the process. So I'm looking at getting some pigskin. So my first question is.... where the hell do I find piggy to practice on? Is there a reliable source that someone can refer me to to purchase it (online maybe)? Secondly, the thought of pig skin kinda grosses me out, to be honest. Does it smell? Does it need to be kept in the refrigerator when not tattooing on it? Do you have to somehow keep it moist while working on it? (Needles and blood don't make me squeamish, but pig skin does? I know... wtf.) My dog will probably want to eat it.... haha. Secondly, and this is for practice purposes only, obviously... I don't dare put a needle to living skin before I have at looong while of practice under my belt..... But what is the best way to stay clean while practicing--especially on piggy? I figure I better not even practice on anything without implementing proper sterilization techniques so that I get in the habit. I do not own an autoclave yet. I'm thinking just getting disposable tubes and grips might be the best way to go. I don't have any way to clean my equipment yet (autoclave, etc), and I'm sure it's not exactly sterile coming out of the package brand new (except for the needles). Would it be completely unforgiveable to, say....(please don't kill me!)...practice with my metal tubes and tips and clean them later after I have proper sterilization equipment?? I mean, besides washing them in the sink with some kind of disinfectant for now and perhaps autoclaving them later...? To be honest, what I purchased was cheap and isn't the best I'm sure, and I will most likely replace it later anyway. I liken it to starting to learn to paint with Crayola watercolors and those crappy brushes, and later moving on to a Winsor and Newton paint set and fine brushes Lastly, I have seen around the forum that piggy is the best thing to practice on before real skin. Are there any other surfaces that you might suggest? I know you can use oranges, melons, etc... but they seem way on the other end of the spectrum from piggy and rubbery practice skin. Sorry for the long post! Help is much appreciated