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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I've been lurking around for awhile but have yet to post, but today I have a question perhaps you guys could help me with. While serving my apprenticeship I was told to only use plain paper towels because the pigment in the printed paper towels was carcinogenic and probably wasn't safe to use during the tattooing process. I trusted the guy I learned from and the shop always stocked plain paper towels, so it was never an issue... Until today. I came into the studio to find that we are now fully stocked with paper towels printed with various bright huge designs. Clearly, in my mind I still believe that this isn't the best thing, not to mention I think it looks tacky and unprofessional, however I am not armed with any other information to back up what I was taught about NOT using printed paper towels. If anyone is wondering, the guy I learned from isn't around anymore to back me up, or provide me with any other info. A few google searches later, I've come up empty handed. Just wondering if anyone here has any info, opinions or insights that might educate me further. Thanks In Advance! ~Candice
  2. VonFarko

    Heart And Stuff

    Here is a heart thing I got from a Ensminger? (can't remember) tattoo design I saw in a book. I rework all my stuff to the way I like it. This includes shading, ANY design elements, and additional background material so if you know this design it is different intentionally. Thanks for looking and thanks for any comments. We make Ink Trails alive, comment and crits are welcome!!!! Regards, VF
  3. VonFarko

    Memento Mori Sketch

    Here is a rough sketch for a memento mori themed design. I know that like most things this has been done (better) a million times over but if you know me, I love skeletons and that is how this idea was born. I thought it would be cool to have a skeleton trapped in a glass container, that turned into an hourglass, install a banner (shitty writing, I know. But it's just a start.) and add the other elements to it. I put a lid that looks like it was opened with a can opener as a symbol that there is an, "escape route" the meaning of which will be left to your interpretation. The roses came last and I am not loving them, they may make it to the final draft and may not, what do you think? This will have a completely different feel in black and grey pencil on paper. This sketch was done next to the last sketch I submitted to the daily doodle section, titled "Bad Dreams." Why that matters, I don't know. Thanks for your looks and comments/ critiques. I'll post the progress on this... VF
  4. VonFarko


    Here is my take on a panther design I found in a tattoo book. I think it the original was done by Paco Excel, I took some creative freedoms as I wasn't really liking the tongue and teeth arrangement of the original. Thx, VF
  5. VonFarko


    Here is a drawing of an eagle. I took a copy of an eagle that I found in a library book and went off of that alone. I tried my best to capture all the detail the copy would show. Thanks everyone, VF