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Found 6 results

  1. New To The Forum

    Hey, So as you've probably guessed from the title, I'm new to the forum. I'm currently in the process of building up a portfolio in order to hopefully find a tattoo apprenticeship so have joined the forum to gain some advice and feedback on my work and to help me along my road to successfully building this career. I enjoy doing a range of different styles, from traditional to portraiture to pointillism and I'd love to get to know others on the forum and see the work that you're doing yourselves and just hear what you have to say. I'm from Suffolk in the UK so it would also be great to get to know people from near me as well. Thank you for reading
  2. Hello, everyone. I am a 20-year-old from Queens, Nyc. I am looking to get a 3/4 sleeve black and gray here in NYC and would love any advice and suggestions I could get on potential artists. An artist that I have been very interested in is Oscar Akermo from Bang Bang. I appreciate any help or advice since I am completely ignorant in the Tattoo world.
  3. New Guy @ Ink Trails

    G'day everybody. I am very happy to have found Ink Trails! I've just recently started tattooing after living in a studio for the last 5 years, I've learnt a lot from my tattooer. Now that my experience and knowledge is growing I've found that I need to know MORE and MOOOOORE. Even with two great mentors, sometimes, they can't give you the answers you need, so, here I am at Ink Trials, Hoping that you can help me out to progress. I love B&G, Old School and Realism. I use Intenze Ink, disposable grip-shaft-needle combos, and a recent rotary machine convert. Looking forward to all the learning. Thank you to the people who run this!
  4. Hi - Just trying out the site and checking out the free areas before deciding whether to purchase a membership. I've noticed the forums appear to be mainly geared towards tattoo artists - which is awesome, however, I am only a tattoo enthusiast/customer. I'm currently planning out some new tattoos I want to eventually get, and I have some questions regarding starting a sleeve, etc. I wasn't sure if any of the members would be willing or interesting in giving me opinons or helping me with those types of questions. So, I'm just posting here for now - and any feedback would be appreciated. I don't want to bother or annoy anyone with my silly, newbie questions. PS - Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  5. Any Exercise Suggestions?

    ok... so i bought five bottles of india ink to play with per my mentor's suggestion (my avatar was a cheap tray of watercolor) and i am super bummed by my first attempt. i KNOW that practice makes perfect, and that i just need to paint my hands off, but i wanted to ask if there were any specific exercises y'all could suggest? i did read the post on shading with india ink, just so i hard a starting point... anyway...
  6. Hi Everyone.

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forums and new to tattooing. I have always had an ability to draw that was noticeably better than my peers, I have always loved tattoos but life and all the ups and downs in it have seemed to keep me at an arms length away from starting a career at it. Some history... At 20 yrs old I came across a generic tattoo set up and at the urge of friends scratched in my apartment, never for money as it was all my broke ass friends who wanted tattoos. I had tattoos from pro tattoo shops and knew there was a difference in what I was doing and what they did. I went to a few shops with my sketch books just to get some bearings as to what the pros thought of my ability. I was left more confused, everyone agreed I had drawing ability but everyone I spoke to told me the only way to be a tattoo artist was to quit my job to be an apprentice. But with being young, making shit for money while newly married and a kid in tow, that would not work. So I hung up the dream for 12 years. 2 + years ago now, I started to research tattoo machines, techniques and anything else I could get my hands and eyes on to try and prepare myself to find an artist that could see my potential and understand my circumstances, still married but now with 3 kids and a career that has real, consistent time off. I bought some decent machines, good inks and practiced on myself. I realize I am getting older and still have love and respect for the craft. In my readings and research I have found a bunch of famous artists who started very much in my shoes, Tin Tin is the first that comes to mind. He just went and did it. So I am off... If I find the person who can appreciate what I can offer tattoing and their shop, so be it. What I offer you: I promise to honor the craft and pass on the culture and tradition. I am fiercely loyal. I will keep my mouth shut when I am being taught. I won't call it a ”gun”. I will clean shitters, windows, sweep, mop and whatever else. With a smile. I will be on time. Or earlier and will stay late. I will not waste your time. About me... I am a grown up. Married with 3 kids, a house, a real job and a couple other side gigs to keep the fam afloat. Drug Free. I cannot quit my job to be your apprentice but I will do everything I can to be in front of you as much as I can. I got spankings as a kid. I have given and taken my share of ass whoopings. I've been fired and gotten yelled at before. In a nutshell, I've been around the block and am not a pussy. Thanks for reading, I look forward to being a part of this community of artist'. Humbly, VonFarko