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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! To start off, I’m very new in this field. I don’t know too much about tattooing, but I am slowly learning. I was told to purchase a decent tattoo machine, but I’m not sure which types or brands are best for beginners? The tattoo artist I have an apprenticeship with recommended “Cheyenne Thunder”, but I also want to get other artist’s opinions.
  2. I am thinking of getting my first rotary machine, but i am not sure which one to buy.. do any of you have any experience with the neotat vivace and/or spektra halo 2? Which one shold i buy???
  3. InkyMcInkerson

    Machine Issues

    Hey guys! I'm having issues with my machines and nothing I seem to do fixes them. I'll explain. Off and on my machines will misbehave. It is not all the time but it is becoming more frequent. They will begin to bog down and or sputter while I am tattooing. And I am not pushing any harder than when it isn't doing that. Sometimes before I ever touch the skin the machine is running this way. Sometimes completely stop running. I know with a couple of my machines that is a connection issue as the holes are bored out where the clip cord touches. But anyway, if I go to adjust it, it will bog down and spit sparks from the contact crew and spring contact point. I back it off and it sounds better but still isn't running correctly. There's no punch in the hit suddenly. THINGS I HAVE TRIED: I replaced the front and back springs, on my liner and it fixed it for about a day. It is now back to being difficult. I have to adjust my machine constantly throughout the tattoo to keep it working. Because of this I am seeing inconsistencies in my work. I have switched out the capacitors in case they were going bad. I have gotten new clip cords reversed the positive and negative clip cord configuration just to check and see if it made a difference. It did not. I have tried different power supplies. (I currently use the Rage from tatsoul) Taken the machines completely apart and cleaned every contact point checked alignment loosened and tightened the rubber bands. So after trying all of this I gave up and bought two brand new, custom made machines thinking maybe my machines were just too old and it was hurting my business. The new machines worked great, for a day or two. Now, they are doing the same thing!! What is happening?! Even my black and gray shader never had issues and suddenly it has issues too. There may be more than one issue going on here with different machines, but has anyone else had this? Any ideas? My work is suffering.
  4. Climbintospace

    Newbie Machine Troubleshoot

    Hello there, I am not a native english speaker, so I am sorry if my wording seems to be off. I got myself a "starter-kit" from KillerInk. Which consisted of two machines and a power supply by Horizon. Just really basic stuff and as KillerInk claims not some cheap ebay crap. Anyway, I got two of them, after setting everything up one of the machines didn`t run at all, I double and tripple checked if everything was in place (KillerInk claimed that everything was adjusted right from the start) One of the machines didn`t run at all, there was simply nothing happening, it seemed as the binding post wasn`t properly in contact with the front spring, but didn`t work when adjusted. I then hooked up the second machine which did run good then. The only thing that seemed off was, that the power supply didn`t "turn off" when I switched its power-switch, it always stayed on. Which seemed really strange. When I wanted to continue practice on pig skin today, the machine which was (as it appeared) working before didn`t work at all anymore. When the pedal gets pushed you can actually see the needle and amature bar moving slightly and only once, but only when the pedal gets pushed. And that`s about it. The parts seem to be adjusted right, especially because the machine worked without problems the last time I used it and then suddenly just stopped doing so. I am really clueless what might be the problem here? I checked alot of troubleshot guides and none of them seem to fix my problem. I got the feeling that the power supply might be broken? When using the pedal, the voltage is always dropping from around 7 to 5-3-2 and less. I attached two images of both the machines, maybe there is something I don`t see. To be honest I am not that tech savvy, so I am simply not seeing it Any help would be great! Thank you
  5. General use of barrier to machine and cord and cleaning with a disinfectant seems most common practice, but is it safe for the machine to do the full ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave process? Most shops don't have ETO sterilizers so that isn't a reasonable option.
  6. hi everyone! I've encountered various issues with and while tuning my tattoo machines early this year, started looking for help online and thus joined ink-trails as it has the most useful and detailed information. for the last 5 months, I've been religiously ploughing the forum archives for tips while attempting to sort out my machines and i even reassembled parts onto a couple of old cast-aside-machines to make them run nicely again. I'm sure i have loads more i need to learn about machines and tuning or i wouldnt be here writing this today. after doing my homework for 5 months, there is still this one machine i just cannot seem to decipher and I'm sincerely hoping for any useful advice from the respectable artists who have been sharing their expertise and knowledge. this is going to be lengthy but i want to be as detailed as possible. i own a workhorse soba pilot liner, bought it nearly a year ago and to be truthfully honest, it has been one of the most cranky machines since day 1. it was working like a dream but started to lose steam 20 minutes into the first session and was just constantly inconsistent. after consulting a few opinions, including sending an email to workhorse directly, nobody could provide any answers and i wasn't keen on flying the machine back to the builder which was 1-2weeks shipping time away. i started to learn to tune my own machines and i can't recall exactly but i tightened the contact screw a little, found an ideal type of rubber band and bits of slight adjustments here and there which got the soba liner to run decently eventually. by the 2nd month, it was starting to sound cranky again and i decided to tune it since the front spring looked worn anyway. i ordered the original parts from workhorse and changed out both springs, assembling everything as closely to the original set up. by then, it's been nearly a month since I last ran the machine (i live in singapore and there wasn't any local dealer for workhorse parts back then) and i wasn't completely sure but i knew the machine wasn't running at its optimum, or like how it used to. I've also just switched to a hurricane digital power supply which provided readings and the speed was a low 82hz loaded and the most i can get it up to without compromising too much would be 88hz. i knew it wasn't a very fast liner but i was certain it wasn't supposed to be this slow either. it's gotten to a point where it seemed to be getting worse the more i tried fixing it. the machine, now, not only is slow, it also seems to have a rather strong hit (i personally thought it was a little too strong but i don't know? i might be getting paranoid with the machine) 4.6v / 85hz / 48% duty (loaded) with or without rubber bands. it still feels and sound rather inconsistent after half an hour or so. I've tried pushing the spring assembly back by a tiny bit for the Abar to be closer to the frame exposing a shorter back spring to try and increase speed. that would probably add an insignificant 2-4hz. I've tried various things and read up from similar topics to try and fix this, I've also tried other springs aside from replacing at least 2 new sets of original workhorse springs (short front springs for cutback liner). I've even eliminated the possibility that the problem could be from the other factors by investing in new and quality power supply, clip cord, footswitch and even installed a power regulator just to be sure. i clean the contact points regularly and will check for irregularity in the tubes or needles. there was one thing I've just noticed though, it was running at 115hz unloaded (but still under 88hz loaded) yesterday after my attempt to readjust the set up, again. so the burning questions i have and hope for someone to help me with: - is 115hz unloaded and 85hz loaded too far a gap? my needle bar points straight into the tube and needle leans against the bottom on the tip of the tube. i use only 1 rubber band, not too tight and it fits just nicely to hold the needle in place. - if anyone happens to own a soba pilot liner too or knows a bit about the machine, please share your insight, I'm all ears. is the speed too slow and how can i increase it or what could i have done wrong/missed out? - how can i soften the hit a little? 4.6v / 85hz / 48% duty (loaded) i can't really turn the voltage any lower for it to run steadily, loosening the contact screw would further dampen the speed I've been trying to increase too. point gap approximately 1.3mm I'm sure there are more if i just pour all the questions I've had in my head for so long, but i don't wish to bore anyone further so these 3 are good for now. any advice would be appreciated!