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Found 7 results

  1. inkedupnori

    My Introduction

    What's up everyone, Here's to hoping I'm not too old to start a career in tattooing. I'm 32 and it's always been an interest of mine to be a tattoo artist. Providing for my family came before my dreams of tattooing and I instead pursued a career that pays well and provides great benefits for my wife and kids but, every day I go to work feeling incomplete, bored and unhappy. I've picked up my pencil recently and started drawing portraits for the first time (my strength has always been cartoony kind of drawings, you can follow my progress on instagram 'ayynori') and it seems like I still got it. I downloaded madhatter's black book from this site and had it printed and binded at staples so I can read it more comfortably. It didn't take long to see the value in the information on this site so I paid for my membership. I'm looking forward to reading and getting any tips I can from this forum. Hopefully, years from now I can give something back. Thank you all in advance.
  2. NatureGirlInk

    Not your typical Apprentice

    Hello Folks, I am a former art-student who lost her way in the art world for a long long time and found myself working on an apprenticeship in my mid-30s. I am not your typical young buck with an ego-problem and I truly look forward to lurking and learning from folks
  3. ctumbles74

    Hello All

    Hi everyone. Love the website. I'm just getting started in all of this and am in the research phase. I have one question. I have watched all of the Last Sparrow interviews as well as many other interviews with talented artists. They all seem to have started off with very poor quality equipment and then progressed from there, yet they all say DO NOT buy kits. I'm starting to think that it might be a good idea to get a cheap kit if for nothing else to tear the machines apart and learn the ins and outs. What do you think? Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, my name is Steven, new to the site and looking forward to learning from this forum and ya'll! I've always been an artist, my whole life it's where my heart has been, in every shape and form. I love cooking because to me it is an art in itself, and evokes and stirs emotions as much if not more than any piece of art on a canvas ever could. I love writing because the imagination allows for the most incredible experiences through the written word. I quit drawing and writing a long time ago because I felt like it had no purpose, it wasn't helping anyone or motivating anybody. It took quite a while before I felt the burning urge to express myself again, and for a few years now I've grown more than I ever could've dreamed as far as I'm concerned with my art skills and knowledge. Like a jack of all trades, I dove into everything; pencil and pen, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, even spray paint. I took life-study classes, even anatomy to understand the body more. But my fire never burned more than when I saw someone get tattooed for the first time. Though I have my own tattoo which is quite large on my side, I was never interested in tattooing before seeing it done on someone AFTER I had done my studying. I felt like everything clicked, and the lightbulb came on. True Art. Timeless Art. The ultimate Canvas. Like the cat that was killed by curiosity, I knew that from that point on there was no turning back. My life became consumed with studying and practicing whenever I wasn't working or resting for work! lol! I am nowhere near apprentice-ready IMO, I'm good with portraits, recreations, but not so familiar with the good old traditional, japanese, my scripts are hit and miss. Still working on a better diet and lifestyle so I'm in tip-top shape, because every day and every night, studying and drawing and practicing are what consume my thoughts. I have dreams about when I am a tattoo artist, literal dreams with people I don't even know haha. But I am dedicated to learning the right way, by someone I can proudly say apprenticed me. Thank you for the supplemental learning on this forum. I'll be posting random pics of art and eventually practice pieces with ink, I just bought some machines so I can get familiar with the components, breaking them down and putting them back together, tuning them properly and whatnot. Thanks again, looking forward to getting to know ya'll more! Love everything I'm reading and seeing already!
  5. Killa_Kamila

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I posted here a few times but I guess I should give a proper introduction. I'm a 25 year old female apprentice from New Jersey. I am a full time graphic designer and web designer by trade. I apprentice tattooing after work and on weekends. I'm mostly into old school traditional flash and portraits.
  6. ChelseaPaigeCleveland

    Hello Everyone

    Hello. I'm Chelsea, a soon to be 22 year old tattooist in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm still kinda green, seeing as I have only been in the tattoo industry approaching 4 years now. But I had to wait until I was 18 to apprentice. Which, I did as soon as I was considered an adult. I had always meant to get a membership here, having been told by my teacher about this site, but I had been focused on learning and many other things the last few years. Glad to be finally on! I have worked in 4 shops. First one I was there a year. the middle two... well, I was still looking for a new place that was a good fit.. I have been in the shop I am currently in for a year now, and I plan to stick around. I am not a fan of moving from shop to shop ( Shop jumping ), so unless something goes very wrong, I am staying put. While I am out of my apprenticeship, as I said, I am still new to the industry. If you ask me something, I will answer if I have the answer. If not, I am sure that there is someone on this site to help. Not sure what else to say. So... Hello!
  7. Vampiricjoker

    Noob Here

    Why hello there! I'm new to the site, stumbled across it two days ago and I haven't been able to get off of it since. Great investment I think in signing up for a membership. Especially being an apprentice, I'm hoping that it'll help me immensely. Little about myself, I am 20 years young. Female aspiring tattoo artist. I have been interested in being an artist since I was able to pick up a pencil basically. My great grandmother and mom were both artist so sitting down and finding someone to show me new drawing techniques or painting was never an issue. And helped keep the fire burning for my creative urges. Elementary and middle school just made it even better, a whole class deidcated to art was the main reason I even bothered to go later in life. I started submitting art to our little paper back then and everytime mine was published it just made it even more exhilirating to create something new. High school was no different, if not worse in encouraging my desire to be an artist. One, two, three classes if I could pull it off a year were art. I had even started signing away my lunch and study hall time for extra classes. From photography to clay to oil to just a pencil and paper I was hooked. And once I got to high school my art teachers and friends always told me my style of art preference would be wonderful for tattooing. And since my uncle is an artist himself just helped me to make the push to really get into it after hanging around the shop with him. I considered art schools right before graduating but unfortunatly they are far to expensive, and I'm more of a jump right in vs testing the waters kinda girl. So I started working right after high school, saved up for machines, supplies, books, flash, dvds you name it. Even saved for awhile to do permanent makeup in hopes of being able to find an apprenticship easier. Anyways two years later I finally got everything in order. I've been apprenticing since September. Tattooing since July. I've been studying piercing tattooing and permeant makeup the last two years. I would have started my apprenticship sooner, but ya know 18 on your own got bills to pay and such. I currently move to florida from chicago area (illinois) about 6 months ago give or take. Thankfully to my uncle I happened to fall into my apprenticship so you could say. Trying to look for a better mentor here pretty soon sadly. Idk what else to say really lol. So hopefully I'll get to know some of you, learn from all of you and hopefully do great work in the next few years! Nice to meet you all, (: