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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All! I am a 28 year old female who has devoted my life to art and finding a job and career I will love instead of working the dreadful 9-5 for a headache and lousy paycheck. I am very artistic and have been drawn to art since I was a very small child...As I got older my mediums have changed (I still finger paint lol) but my goals haven't. I have always wanted to work a job I'd love, around artsy people who have the San passions I do. Now let's fast forward some years of dedication to the art and picture me lost in the world of wanting that perfect apprenticeship. I applied for a great position and have myself an interview coming up! Years of research and dedication might land me my dream job- If I could just relax (lol). I'm usually not this excited over an interview but this is my dream guys and I'm super pumped! This is not just a "job" I'm applying for but a career move that could change my life...Which leads me to the questions I have: 1. Were any of you so giddy before your interviews and how did you deal? 2. What is a "normal" rule of thumb for the attire worn at an interview? Clothes, hair, nails and accessories? And finally if you remember any pivotal moments during your interview can you post them as well? I'm so very excited to see your responses! Thanks for answering, hopefully we will be chatting soon! X×xDeFelicex×X
  2. I wanted to give an update! I learned a lot of things during my time here and search the boards all the time! So first thanks to all the knowledge here! I made a call to a local tattoo shop here in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland. They are known for hiring apprentices and then shipping them to new shop after a few years. I heard the shop owner originally wanted to dillute the tattoo industry in the area because his dad owned a shop and wanted to make it hard for pops to make money. Long story short. I filled out a general application, lots of questions about why I want to do this, any artist that I know, my favorite style and art background. Then, on the back of the application you had 30 minutes to draw up something to represent your art instead of a whole portfolio. I wont lie, I was shitting bricks! I started sketching and my hand was shaking so much I could barely draw a freaking line. I collected myself and calmed down and knocked out a pretty banging dagger going through a rose. They provided me with a ink pen and pencil, but I brought in my own markers and colored and shaded it. Shop manager came out and was impressed! I was geeked by his response. He actually asked how many tattoos I have done because my style leaned toward tattoo art and flash. He was happy I used colors and did something relevant vs coming in doing some weird skull or something. He took me back to his station and did a formal interview, few more questions and yaddi yah. But I think it went great. He loved my portfolio I brought in, and I also left him with a 5x7 contact card I painted, He loved the idea and was really brown away by my total package! (below) He said lots of people come in, not able to draw, or dedication to learn the history and art of tattooing. He said he will talk to his boss (shop owner) and contact me within a week. Details about the apprenticeship: He said I would start out as a shop volunteer for a few weeks to see how hard I work and if I vibe with the shop. Once that is finalized I would sign a 2 year contract not to tattoo anywhere else and I would be paid $300 a week until I built up a solid base of clients. I was geeked after I left, so hopefully my next update will be letting you guys know if they picked me up or not!