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Found 6 results

  1. Greywash inks to try out.

    Hei! I've been mixing alot of my own grey washes, mostly use dinamic or zuper black. Also lately really enjoyed working with intenze grey was set, although very annoyed by the sizes of bottles. Before all that was working with kuro sumi grey wash, but dont like the healed look, also did my own mixing with normal black kuro sumi. And also not satisfied with healed results. I like dinamic overall and my zuper black for darkest and lightest parts. But was wondering to try out some new premixed sets. Heard a lot about silverback but confused a bit as some swear by it and others claim its getting too red while working and gets too light when healed. Any feedback would be appreciated! Has anybody, worked with eternal or fusion greywashes!? Any other suggestions!? Thanks in advance! Peace!
  2. Help!

    Hello everyone! Im a starting out tattoo artist and i was taking classes for a while in other words doing apprenticeship, im still working on my shading therefore i have not attempted to try it on an actual person ( because like no. Lol ) but my mentor told me i was ready to do names and other linage work. And so i did. I had a few people wanting for me to tatt them but ive been abit scared for one reason, what happens when it gets to the healing process... i noticed it on me first but i didnt know if it was because i didnt moisturize properly or because i didnt go deep enough im not sure but please give me some advice if anyone knows please! So everytime i do a peice , well once i finish it looks good , as it should no broken lines , nothing but ive had people tell me that while in the healing process it starts to go away that it starts pealing and the ink comes out with it , leaving them with a patchy tattoo which im not happy with at all , because it ruins my rep you know? If theres any advice you can give please id highly appreciate it!!
  3. Powdered pigment

    Hi everyone, im an artist (not tattooer) and im in need of nontoxic powdered pigment in large quantity to mix 80 or so gallons of pretty intensely pigmented paint. Ive used tattoo ink in the past for performances, btw halloween is upon us and tattoo ink mixed with suave lotion makes amazing body paint, but need way more than would be cost effective to buy little bottle by little bottle. Where do i get this powdered pigment and how do i know that it is non toxic. Specifically i need red. (yes im making 80 gallons of fake blood to fill a bath tub that some chick will be in naked but only 15 min at a time). Anyway...please dont tell me the girl will die, i wont be using nearly as much pigment as is in straight ink, nor will i be mixing tattoo ink at all, no vodka, not witch hazel, glyserine or that sort of thing. Got my own trade secrets to hide...lol. Im in chicago if that helps. Thanks for the help. -Amelia
  4. New tattoo - bit out of the ordinary. Had fun doing it as this one. Waverley colours and new image outline. 9rl, 11rs and 15m. Feedback welcome
  5. I was wondering if tattoo ink stains your skin? How long do the stains last? Would certain conditions (Such as heat or sun exposure) make it stain longer? I know it seems dumb and random, but my friend-self appointed patron of all things piercing and tattoo related-says it doesn't stain at all. And I think it would to some extent, considering the fact that when deposited subcutaneously the shit lasts forever... I'm also curious about the longevity of a stain-would it last as long as the ink from say, a sharpie? And the science behind it, why the difference in staying power between the inks? I don't really know why, but I seriously want to know about this.
  6. Brush Linework

    So I had a crack and doing some ink line work of flash this evening for the first time (I normally use a sharpie) And it hasnt gone exactly to plan lol Some lines went down lovely and some were just pure fuck ups. So my question is: Has anyone got any idea, tutorials to help? Or shall I just keep inking till I get better lol Thanks in advanced. Ps I cant find my camera to upload pic's