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Found 9 results

  1. I got this tattoo 2 days ago and the lines are so uneven! Is it even possible to fix? When he had it printed on my skin he said that the lines will be a lot straighter when tattoos, that it was just a rough sketch but that wasn't true because the lines are very uneven. I had a look at his portfolio beforehand and everything looked perfect but my tattoo came out so much worse. When I left the studio it looked ok but I didn't really notice how wonky the lines are until today. Is there anything I can do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone! I am currently a college student doing a research project over tattoo artists....this is really weird, I know. But if anybody could help me out by answering this quick survey about some general job information, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much
  3. Hi, I got a Polynesian mask tattoo on my upper arm around 6/7 months ago. I'm fairly happy with it, although it's slightly smaller than I would've liked. I want to go back and add a border design around it (in a circle), or add more detail with shading/colour to bring it to life if possible. I'd really like people's advice on whether this can be done and what would look good! Thanks!
  4. Hi all, i got got a tattoo done 5 weeks ago, I followed what my artist told me to do (as best I could with work commitments - I work in McDonald's so not as easy to apply lotion every 4 hours to start with), this tattoo is scaly, and bumpy still, it didn't peel either? with all my other tattoos this never happened, I went to see my artist and he told me it could have just been overworked... it will be fine, but I would like another opinion on it. thankyou in advance!!!
  5. Hiya, new to this website, drawing and tattooing but i have bagged myself an apprenticeship at Serenity Arts Tattoo in Eastham.. My boss is great and has helped me out loads! Find his work on the link above.. I have been drawing since January this year and have started trying to do portraits. Want tips on how to make things look real, photo realism etc. Pencils, brand of pencil, any tips whatsoever. Here is my portrait of Mohammad Ali. Fell free to absolutely rip it to pieces, it is all going to help. Cheers, Joe
  6. Hey guys I have this great anchor tattoo when my grandpa passed away. I want to add around it to make it into an awesome half sleeve I need ideas though. I want to stay with the ocean/nautical theme though. I was thinking maybe like and eel or a rope going around my arm and through the anchor but I need some ideas. I feel like it would be pretty bland with just a rope. It doesnt need to be very proportionate I just want it to look awesome and be proud of it thanks! I can add a link to the picture because honestly im not sure how to add pictures
  7. Hi everyone I just got my first tattoo. It's on my inner arm. I got it this Friday. The only problem is I have soccer tryout 2 times a day for the next week. I was wondering if there is anything specific that I should do to keep it covered or clean or anything else thanks for everything and I'm excited to be a new member!
  8. I need to know what do coils have to do with a tattoo machine and can you use the same machine for shading and lining
  9. So I had a crack and doing some ink line work of flash this evening for the first time (I normally use a sharpie) And it hasnt gone exactly to plan lol Some lines went down lovely and some were just pure fuck ups. So my question is: Has anyone got any idea, tutorials to help? Or shall I just keep inking till I get better lol Thanks in advanced. Ps I cant find my camera to upload pic's