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Found 10 results

  1. Bryce Montrose

    Digital tattoo design

    Hi, I'm a tattoo apprentice, and I'm learning how to draw a black grey tattoo design in Photoshop, honestly it's so difficult for me, because I can't find the right brush settings, I'm able to paint properly, but I'm having trouble in draw black grey tattoo designs, can you help me? ?
  2. unclekit

    Uncle Kit

    Hi All! Uncle Kit here. Manila (Philippines) based. Researching and doing flashes at the moment, you can check my IG--"uncle.kit". Planning to apply for an apprenticeship soon. Cheers! Uncle Kit
  3. eros_gates

    Ecoline Brush Pens for Flash?

    I just ordered a 10 color set of Ecoline watercolor brush pens as I keep seeing such positive reviews & have heard many people praising the paint-load in each pen as well as the fact that they actually contain PAINT as opposed to colored dye.. I'm just wondering if anybody has used/uses these specific brush pens to whip up flash? If so, how do you enjoy them & do you have any pointers/tips for a newcomer with the product?? Thanks!!
  4. Hello:) I am on a wild goose chase for my children and am in hopes that maybe someone could help me out. My ex-husband (their dad) passed away suddenly early this week. They want to get a memorial tattoo like the one he had on his arm. Trouble is, it's really faded out. It looks similar to the panther in the picture attached, which I know is terrible, but his was worse. We have no photos of it new. I was with him when he got it, which was around 1998, and he picked it off the wall. Does anybody have even the slightest idea where I might look to try and find a better version of this tattoo? They are going to get a modified version that will hopefully stand up to time a little better but they want it to be as close as possible. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. It was very traumatic for them and I just want to help them heal. Thanks, Sheek
  5. eros_gates

    Linework using brushes..

    Anybody here like to use a brush to complete linework? I have a long liner brush with is nice as well as a shorter one & have been playing around. I like the effect and was wondering if anybody uses brushes and if so could they offer any advice as to how the get a smoother line.. I am having trouble with curves, primarily. Thanks!
  6. jessbronink

    best custom design websites?

    this site probably has the best tattoo designs ive seen.. beats google images http://linktrack.info/.253k8
  7. Rem

    Traditional Panther

    looking for some constructive feedback on this Traditional Panther. Im building a portfolio so will likely post a bit in the near future. Cheers in advance for any help.
  8. holdfast.wilson

    Drawing For Portfolio.

    So for a while now i have been setting myself up to set up a portfolio and finally look for an apprenticeship. Here are a few drawings i done last night. I want to focus more on traditional american so these will probably not be put in to the folio. Critique welcome. Oh and here is 2 of my realism drawings just to show i can draw. lol.
  9. Killa_Kamila

    Recommend Good Red Watercolor

    So I purchased FW inks for painting flash and the "crimson" looks more like a pinkish orange. Can anyone recommend me a good red more on the dark crimson side and a bright ruby red? I am open to using either FW inks or Dr. Martins. I been eyeing FW's "Red Earth"... anyone use that before?