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Found 7 results

  1. best custom design websites?

    this site probably has the best tattoo designs ive seen.. beats google images http://linktrack.info/.253k8
  2. New Flash

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to share my latest drawing and to get some of your thoughts (things to improve for future drawing etc.)
  3. Traditional Panther

    looking for some constructive feedback on this Traditional Panther. Im building a portfolio so will likely post a bit in the near future. Cheers in advance for any help.
  4. Drawing For Portfolio.

    So for a while now i have been setting myself up to set up a portfolio and finally look for an apprenticeship. Here are a few drawings i done last night. I want to focus more on traditional american so these will probably not be put in to the folio. Critique welcome. Oh and here is 2 of my realism drawings just to show i can draw. lol.
  5. Flash Practice - Eagles

    So I tried my first ever tattoo flash today. I used higgens black magic, fw acrylics, and dr.ph martin watercolors on some old bowery flash. I would like some constructive criticism. I have a somewhat difficult time getting the watercolor to flow smoothly (especially on the snake). Any tips on how to pull blacks and watercolors over large areas would be greatly appreciated!
  6. So I still don't have an apprenticeship yet, but really looking to research, learn and develop my line work, and overall improve my artwork. Most of these are basic flash, google searches that I repainted. Some are custom pieces, but it seem easier to look at other traditional pieces as a reference and than later I can start tweaking them once I have the linework and styles down. I am nowhere near a Sailor Jerry or any pro, but just wanted to get an idea if these are good for a basis for a portfolio to approach shops with an apprenticeship. Still working on gradients, line-work, not sculpting lines and trying to make one pass and overall proportions and size. Hopefully you guys see some progress during my little visit here! Thanks for viewing and your constructive crits. ------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Flash sheet ----------------------------- Sailor Jerry Flash - Hannya Pirate ----------------------------------- Sailor Jerry - Hula Girl ------------------------------------ Practicing some sparrows / swallows --------------------------------------------------- Custom commission for a client ------------------------------------------ Panther Flash ------------------------------- Flapper design - inspired by: Tattoo Parlor prints
  7. Recommend Good Red Watercolor

    So I purchased FW inks for painting flash and the "crimson" looks more like a pinkish orange. Can anyone recommend me a good red more on the dark crimson side and a bright ruby red? I am open to using either FW inks or Dr. Martins. I been eyeing FW's "Red Earth"... anyone use that before?