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Found 7 results

  1. Fallenfantasy

    New tattoo

    Any ideas or pictures of a gothic moth tattoo, something dark with maybe crescent moons involved? I just want it to be a little more unique since there's already so many out there.
  2. Hey just need some keywords to help find a tattoo artist that specialises in drawing some fantasy concepts. Dynno where to start hence I'm here. I don't know anything so just wanna get a heads up from here really to start looking. Basic idea I have is to have a wolf tatt on my back but I want it made entirely of tree roots. That's basically the idea I have in mind. Can someone give me an idea of what type of category this would fall under for tattoo artists? Cheers.
  3. I received my first tattoo after much thought and consideration on August 3rd. It's on the helix of my left ear and is a light green vine with pink flowers on it. Even though I followed aftercare instructions to the letter, it scabbed up, flaked off, and faded all within about a three-day period. The artist used a machine and rumor has it a helix tattoo has to be hand-done for it to stay? Is this true? I went in for a touch-up two weeks after the initial tattooing and had a similar experience; the tattoo was well-defined and beautiful for the first few days and now (two weeks later) it is mostly faded again. I scheduled another touch-up for this Thursday and the artist suggested using a purple instead of pink for the flowers, but I really want the tattoo in the color he used before, and it's worth noting that the green faded just as much as the pink did. I plan on suggesting he use the same colors, but go deeper, but will that be enough? I was in love with the tattoo after the first touch-up, and I just want it to stay. Is this a doomed area for a tattoo? Does anyone have advice on getting a helix tattoo to stay? Shown below is how it looked right after that touch-up. I would post an "after" but the file is too large :(.
  4. hi guys, so me and a friend were talking about random stuff and I mentioned how I wanted a tattoo at some point. he mentioned the snp methods and I said yes, so we bought some ink and a needle and gave me a tattoo. it's just a small circle but I was wondering how would I best tell if it gets infected and how should I best deal with it. my current situation dictates that I can't ask doctors or other tattoo artists but I can send a picture to this fourm thanks Jack
  5. This is my first tattoo. I got it on November 12th. Does this look normal? The scabbing and milky color is freaking me out that something is wrong. It isn’t warm to the touch or anything or really red. Thanks for any answers!
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Ryan and I’m a designer from the UK. I am currently working on a new project producing a book of tattoos from around the world. As well as exploring the various styles or tattoos and the history behind them the main aim of the book is to show off meaning full tattoos and the reasons behind them. All tattoos are unique and it would be good to give people the chance to explain the reasoning behind them to people who look at body art in a negative light. If you have some meaningful ink you wish to show off or if you are an artist who has worked on some special pieces and would like some exposure and would be interested in supplying images and a small description of the work in the book please get in touch with me. Everyone will be credited in the book with a link to their website / social media, or if preferred can remain anonymous. Please contact me at studio@ryanthedesigner.uk or on instagram @ryan_the_designer . Thank you Ryan
  7. taigi100

    First Tattoo Advice

    Hey, for a few years now I've been thinking about getting a tattoo and finally decided that it is time I do the proper research on it. In terms of design, I am thinking something alike the following image. From the picture only the outline matters, not the colours. It is basically a combination of the following: They both have huge emotional meaning for me personally as they do represent an important part of my childhood. In big lines, the first one represents courage and the second one friendship. Initially, I've only thought about getting the first one ( the sun ) but later I found a combination of the two. Here are my questions: 1. Where should I place it? I know I want someplace visible for me yet not sure where. As for my build, I'm a tall fit (gymnastics like body ) guy, in his early 20s. Thinking inner forearm but not sure. 2. What suggestions do you have about the design? All ideas are welcome