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Found 2 results

  1. Skylerrape

    First tatoo

    Hey guys, first time posting here so i'll just cut to the problem. I am 19 years old and in college. I wanted to get a tatto like year or two ago but i decided to wait. Basically one month ago i went to one tatto artist and he told me everything i needed to know before getting one and i gave him the picture i wanted and he explainded it to me how would he do it and much would it cost. He is not the classis give me picture i'll draw it ,he likes to ink dots and lines i don't know how to explain. Last monday i went to another tatto artist gave him picture and he off the bat told me how much it would cost and the price was muuuch muuuch smaller and i guess i got woowed so to say and said when do i start, he told me come next monday i'll draw it if you like it we start tuesday. The problem here now is the tattoing became a reality and i just gor scared, im scared for multiple reasons. Will he make it look good even though the price is low, how will he ink the white wolf, i dont want white ink on me i did the research i know its bad, how am i going to take care of it since im alone in appartment and im planning on putting it on my back bellow neck. Please guys help, is this tatto even able to ink? I know its very different on paper and on skin.
  2. JakeW

    First Tatoo

    My name's Jake, I'm 17 year old, and I'm looking to get my first tattoo. I want to get the three letters of my little sister's initials written on my shoulder (she passed away last year). Hoping to have a few questions answered. Thanks! 1. I've read that it's important not to go cheap when getting a tattoo. All together I want the design to be about two inches long and an inch tall. What is a reasonable price for three letters on the shoulder? 2. Is it really important to find a veteran artist if I'm just getting three letters? What credentials should I look for in an artist? 3. I'm aware that tattoos hurt a fair bit. I'm concerned that I might flinch or shake a tiny bit which could make the lines less straight. Thoughts? 4. What is it like to have a shoulder tattoo? Would wrist be a better placement?