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Found 4 results

  1. Bryce Montrose

    Digital tattoo design

    Hi, I'm a tattoo apprentice, and I'm learning how to draw a black grey tattoo design in Photoshop, honestly it's so difficult for me, because I can't find the right brush settings, I'm able to paint properly, but I'm having trouble in draw black grey tattoo designs, can you help me? ?
  2. XrayTech99

    Sleeve designs

    I am curious about full and half sleeve tattoos. I have seen so many different themes and unique designs. My question is do you as an individual come up with the design idea, do you and the artist dream it up together, or does the artist have the designs in mind or just dream them up based on the interests of the tattooee? I personally don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I like the designs when I see them. I would love to get a unique half sleeve, but am looking for some input on how others go about deciding on what they end up with. Thanks for your input
  3. if you would like to learn about the tattooing industry of today ,please visit my channel on youtube I will be discussing tattoo matters involving the challenges we have as tattooing artists in todays industry .how to grow your clientele,make money tattooing ,as artist as business man/woman I would love to hear your feed back keep any comments positive as I also want to grow in experience . please follow and subscribe if you find my videos useful informational,motivational . go to my youtube channel link
  4. I am doing some market research for setting up my own tattoo design website, I would be very grateful if anyone could fill out my survey it's very quick and simple to do! Please only participate if you have already got tattoos! Thank you https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HLK2T3L