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Found 5 results

  1. My arm has been through it and I need advice. Should I blackout the area (I don’t mind the look) or is there hope in a few sessions of laser removal on the bottom so I can blend a faded pattern to my elbow.b its been a year like this and I need help with creative and technical ideas both artists failed me in communication and left me for dead anything advice helps with my dumpster fire arm thank you
  2. I had this tattoo done by Starr at circus muse in atascosita tx. I need some suggestions on how to make this look better or if you have an idea to cover it I would consider that also. This was a cover up to begin with. The moon was supposed to be filled white and black. Would like to modify the compass and have it filled in just don't have any great ideas that would make it look better. Please help!!
  3. i want to cover up this snake with these flowers, how many lightening sessions would this take? would i have to lighten the entire thing or only the red parts and shading(not the middle/belly of snake)??? is this even possible?
  4. davidlnrd

    need help with hand cover up

    Hi, New to this site. I have had a series of problems with a hand tattoo. Trying to cover green white and black. I really need to find two contrasting dark colors to cover. I've tried battleship gray, light blue, white and dark green and none of those colors work. Black covers and I'm okay with that but I need a contrasting color to make a pattern with I guess. I'm very open to suggestion. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. D
  5. Kevinink

    Insane Cover?

    Hi all, should I not even try this cover, I tried to talk this guy into laser and he does not want it, he wants anything but the black blob this tattoo is. Dark reds, greens, blues and purples in the blacks and make the stars pop? Even that would be a lame design. I was thinking of making a Koi that would look under water and the large stars would be lotus flowers on the surface of the water, I'll attach my cover idea next. This wil be by far the toughest cover I'll ever do. SHOULD I JUST SAY NO? he's desperate... I wish he was desperate enough for laser...