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Found 2 results

  1. if you would like to learn about the tattooing industry of today ,please visit my channel on youtube I will be discussing tattoo matters involving the challenges we have as tattooing artists in todays industry .how to grow your clientele,make money tattooing ,as artist as business man/woman I would love to hear your feed back keep any comments positive as I also want to grow in experience . please follow and subscribe if you find my videos useful informational,motivational . go to my youtube channel link
  2. I have been a forum member for a while now...sometimes active..mostly not. A few years ago we started a small business creating jewelry and inlay items out a form of "fossilized" tumbleweeds. If you would like to find out more about it you can read here http://www.tumbleweedgems.com/about-us . We have been selected to compete for a $100,000 small business grant from Mission Main Street and Chase Bank and in order to move onto the next round we have to gather votes. Ugh... Anyway, the link is right here it is not "spammy" or anything wierd, you can log your vote through facebook, linkedin, twitter and so on. http://www.missionma...nts.com/b/59049 I am not allowed to offer incentives to vote, but in this case I offer you excellent "tattoo karma". Please take a moment to vote, this is an unbeliveable oppoutunity for us.