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Found 3 results

  1. In December, I got my first tattoo and ... it healed badly in such a way that no tattoo artist I've spoken to has ever seen it heal like this. I have some health challenges, I'm a type 1 Diabetic but I have a good A1C, as well I'm on two immunosuppressants, Tacrolimis and Mycophenolate. None of my doctors suggested a tattoo would be a problem when I asked. So, I was extremely careful with healing and I know it did not get infected. I kept it very clean with gentle, recommended antimicrobial soap (soft soap), dried it gently and after a few days used unscented Lubriderm and tried to keep it moisturized. However, it still scabbed extremely badly and then basically fell off in one solid piece. I was really careful, I followed aftercare instructions to the letter, I didn't let cloth rub up against it or expose it to the sun.... I'm not really sure what happened here. I wonder if I'm allergic to an ingredient in the purple inks because the blue turned out a little better or if the artist went too deep or something? Has anyone encountered this? Thanks! Fresh: https://i.imgur.com/jctTEi5.png Scabbed: https://i.imgur.com/qSDwEFF.png Healed: https://i.imgur.com/cFptFkZ.png
  2. megan0809

    Blowout or healing?

    I got this tattoo last week in London. There appears to be blowout/blue tinted skin in the portion circled and other areas of it. I emailed where I got it done (a refutable place) and they said to wait it out until the 3 week mark. Does this look like healing or blowout to you? Do you think it’d go away on its own or Is it treatable with laser if it’s blowout? I realize it’s minor but things like this bother me haha. I’ve attached pics. Im also wondering what you think the cause was, I have been careful but maybe not careful enough with clothes rubbing, etc? I read blowout is usually the artists fault. Also, above the om symbol, the dot has a blemish/ potential keloid on it and the ink is very faded. Im wondering if once the blemish is gone, the ink will reappear? It’s been a little over a week and this is my first tattoo. I’m really concerned it was my fault. thank you!!
  3. Hi, I hope you don't mind me being here to ask for advice. I have 10 tattoos, all on my legs, mostly on my thighs. 8 of them have been done by one artist.. All of them have healed nicely - apart from the latest two which have had blowout. I had one done about 3 months ago (this was my ninth tattoo). It is on the front of my thigh and is about 7 inches high by 5 inches. It has nice black line work and shading. There is also a lot of block colour: red, pink, pale blue and a pale green. About a day or so after the tattoo I noticed some bruising. This bruising was worse near my inner thigh - which is a little saggy and has some stretch marks due to weight gain/loss over several years. I am also 45, so my collagen is obviously not at it's best. Then I realised that the blue bruising appeared be spreading, not healing. I then realised that this could actually be ink. A google search revealed this was the dreaded tattoo blowout! I am aware that most think this is happens when the artist goes in too deep or they press too hard. Some say that this can happen to any artist. It was only one colour and I had had other colour tattoos without issue by this artist. I also wondered if the blowout, in part, was due to the condition on my skin. However, the colour bleed bothered me, and bothered me a lot more when a friend pointed it out when I showed it off. I e-mailed the artist and popped in to see him. He said this sometimes happens and offered to fix it free of charge. As I did want another tattoo doing, I booked in. He did the new tattoo (number 10). This was located on the other thigh, and on the side, in order to avoid the saggier skin. The side of my thigh is more toned and quite muscular. The new tattoo was even bigger than the last but similar - black line work, shading and block colours. He also did some shading to disguise the blowout on tattoo number 9. I was mortified to notice that within hours of getting the new tattoo that the green was, once again, bleeding out. This was happening quicker than last time - which took a couple of days to appear. Thinking it could be due to bruising forming, I decided to ice the tattoo. Initially, it appeared to reduce. Now that it is healed (quite nicely), you can definitely tell that it has bled out. It is a faint blueish tint about half an inch. I have seen much worse incidents of blowout on the 'net, but it still bothers me. In fact, since the cover up of tattoo number 9 has healed, I can still see some blueish tints on that - but that could me being picky. So what do I do now. I do want more tattoos. But am a little worried about using the same artist - or any artist. Given that he had done 8 tattoos, some in colour, and I have only had trouble with these last two, is he to blame? Given the fact that it is only one colour, does that show it was not his fault? If he had poor technique surely the whole thing would have bled? Is it down the the colour in question - is it just that my skin has a problem with that colour, say is the pigment small and spreads easy - if so, would I be okay if I simply avoid green? Would I have the same problem with another artist? The artist has offered to fix the latest blowout at no cost, but as I am not too impressed with the last cover up, could I ask him to rework that one too? Finally, I have searched for ways of fading blowout - and the consensus seems to be that they don't work as the ink is deep in the skin (which makes sense to me). But as a stab in the dark is there anything I can try as I like the design of the tattoo as it is and would prefer not to tamper with it. How long would it take for any remedy to show results. Thanks for your time and advice.