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Found 10 results

  1. I've been dabbling in calligraphy for a few weeks and just starting to get some basics down. I've been thinking of taking some classes on skill share to improve my fonts. My question is, is it even important? A lot of artists I see just use Microsoft word fonts. In your opinion is it worth my time? Is there considerable benefits to learning this or is it just easier to copy paste fonts like a lot of other artists. Thanks
  2. I've had this tattoo for a few days now and i'm afraid it may not be healing properly. Here's a link to a video I've uploaded of what my tattoo is doing. https://www.youtube.com/upload I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing to keep it moist and to gently wash it and all that, I just cant tell weather its scabbing up or i have cuts or its super overworked so its scabbing up along with cuts and maybe becoming infected lol. Or is it that i just keep looking at it under my macro lense and its making me see all the little things i shouldn't be able to see and making me worry?? I hope to hear your thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Hi, so my situation is that I would like to become a tattoo artist, however I have some difficulties with following the traditional route. I would be happy to be an apprentice, however I am about to begin my first year at university studying graphic communication. I have been researching into any other possible way to achieve my goal in a legitimate way, but need some advice from those who are established and have the experience. ive found some courses, that seem to be intensive 2 week courses, and cost around £3000! would this be something that anyone would recommend? im open to any advice, thanks for reading :) xo
  4. Hii, I dunno if i ask this at the right place but I am looking for the artist who made this tattoo; http://www.menstattooideas.net/tattooimages/2014/07/skull-tattoos-04.jpg Picture was too big so theres a link. Ive tried google and social media. Maybe someone on here can help me with this. Thanks!
  5. Surfer

    Tattoo Collector

    Veteran, Surfer, Tattoo collector.
  6. I got my tattoo done today and it's a small snake on my wrist. It was something I'd wanted for a really long time and was very excited about it. It's my second tattoo but on the whole I'm pretty inexperienced with tattooing so I apologise if any of this comes off as rambling or makes me seem a bit clueless. All of the images I sent the artist for reference beforehand were all line pieces (literally no shading on any of them) and so I assumed I wouldn't have to tell him "no shading", and I was very happy with the guideline temporary part/ink he put on beforehand (I don't know the technical term for this, sorry) but when I looked at the tattoo towards the end of the session he'd shaded not only on the snake, but underneath it (I stole a few glances whilst he was working and thought that what turned out to be shading was just ink smudges, I would've had a better look but I'm a bit squeamish). I asked him why he'd done the shading and stopped him from darkening it any further but all he said was that the shading would fade and not be anywhere as dark as it was fresh. I was with a friend who assured me it looked good but since getting home and removing the dressing to put cream on it, I've also noticed some shakiness on the lines of the tattoo and to be honest on the whole I'm quite unhappy with it. It looks unfinished and rough/sketchy up close, but I don't know what I can do at this point and it's in such a visible place that I can't even hide it with clothing until I find a fix. Roughly how long does shading take to noticeably fade? And should I go back to the place where I got the tattoo sooner rather than later? I know that shading DOES fade with time but part of my problem is with the line work as well. The receptionist at the parlour said that they do touch-ups for free and I was wondering if getting this remedied would count as a touch-up, especially as I didn't agree to or even ask for any shading - none of the reference/inspiration images I sent had any shading whatsoever and so why this guy did any at all is beyond me. I've already paid for it obviously but I really couldn't tell when I left how bad it was when it was bleeding and under a dressing. Is it worth me making some form of complaint so that he doesn't do this to other people? Would asking someone to go over the shading/any errors in flesh/white ink help (and if this is an option roughly how long would I have to wait before having it done?)? Would it be inappropriate or rude of me to ask someone else at the same place to fix the tattoo? As it's a very fine line, I wouldn't mind it being thickened a bit if it helps make it look more professionally done and even, and I have friends who have been to the same place who are very happy with their own tattoos. Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm pretty out of my depth here, so apologies again if I come off as a bit of an idiot. (currently trying to figure out how to post images on here so will do that in due course) Thanks in advance for any help
  7. JakeW

    First Tatoo

    My name's Jake, I'm 17 year old, and I'm looking to get my first tattoo. I want to get the three letters of my little sister's initials written on my shoulder (she passed away last year). Hoping to have a few questions answered. Thanks! 1. I've read that it's important not to go cheap when getting a tattoo. All together I want the design to be about two inches long and an inch tall. What is a reasonable price for three letters on the shoulder? 2. Is it really important to find a veteran artist if I'm just getting three letters? What credentials should I look for in an artist? 3. I'm aware that tattoos hurt a fair bit. I'm concerned that I might flinch or shake a tiny bit which could make the lines less straight. Thoughts? 4. What is it like to have a shoulder tattoo? Would wrist be a better placement?
  8. Kenny

    What About This?

    Hi Guys! What do you guys think about this man on youtube? (Jaunty Artist) I think some of you guys must have seen one of his vids on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUmE3eQb1XoK1T3klGIPjtA Can i actually take tips from his videos ? or is it a NONO? Thanks for you time.
  9. Kenny

    What About This?

    Hi Guys! What do you guys think about this man on youtube? (Jaunty Artist) I think some of you guys must have seen one of his vids on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUmE3eQb1XoK1T3klGIPjtA Can i actually take tips from his videos ? or is it a NONO? Thanks for you time.
  10. I have a question. I've usually gone to a specific artist at my shop, but I want to try a new artist at the same shop. my issue is, I have a little bit of work left to get done on the previous artist's piece, but I like the other artist's style better for the specific tattootattoo I'd like to get next, because it is a gift and I'm not paying for it. Is it okay for me to switch artists? And if so, how exactly should I go about it? Thanks in advance.