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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, I've seen a few adverts on gumtree and the like for free tattoos by apprentices to build their experience and portfolio. Trouble is, the artists tend to not respond when they get enquiries. Does anyone here offer freebies in this way, and do you get many enquiries?
  2. Hi guys been using 'Reelskin tattoo practice skin and I must say it's the best I have ever used. I have quite a few artworks done on it and it's the closest think I have used to actually skin :). does anyone know where I can sell my artwork :).
  3. I've been dabbling in calligraphy for a few weeks and just starting to get some basics down. I've been thinking of taking some classes on skill share to improve my fonts. My question is, is it even important? A lot of artists I see just use Microsoft word fonts. In your opinion is it worth my time? Is there considerable benefits to learning this or is it just easier to copy paste fonts like a lot of other artists. Thanks
  4. Tattoobambino

    What is your experience?

    I have been a tattoo apprentice for 7/8 months now. Tattooing for roughly 3. I am on apprentice pay but don't get paid for extra hours I do (i did 6 extra hours this week) and tend to carry on work once I'm home. I obviously do everything from cleaning, stencils, reception work, designs and tattooing. I do 90% of the designs and my boss often takes credit for my stuff. I have a ridiculous work load and always work to the best of my ability. I get a lot of attention, support and praise for my tattoos off clients and other tattoo artists. I already have regular clients ?. I charge for my tattoos, but my boss pockets it all and will do so until I get my licence. He also takes my tips. He gives me repeated tattoos and doesn't post my work because of this. Is this normal? I love tattooing and am not scared of hard work but I am struggling to live on my pay and feel underappreciated and over worked at the moment. What is everyone else's experience ? Is this just normal? Should I confront this?
  5. Kinkypoop

    Help me!!!! Apprenticeship

    What is everyone's experience on training? I have been a tattoo apprentice for 2 and a half months and am unsure on what's normal and not. My boss has got a tattoo appointment lined up for me at the end of this week. He said he will be leaving me COMPLETELY by myself and if I don't do a good job, I am out. I feel this is unsafe as I have only tattoed on silicone under his supervision a handful of times. This will be my second ever tattoo on skin. I do get to watch him for roughly 30 mins a day, but I get so much pressure put on me with designs, deadlines and stencils, I don't get to watch or practice enough. I tattoo at home on fake skin and research but I feel there is only so much I can do by myself. I am on £3 odd an hour, I do all the designs, cleaning the shop, reception work (all of which I expected to do). I have invested in good tattoo guns/ equipment also. What is everyone's thoughts?
  6. Vampiricjoker

    Some recent work

    I haven't been posting much since my first apprenticeship(which is when i signed up) Due to that going to hell which i expected. Then i learned how to pierce for a little over a year. Worked a normal job for a year to save to move to wisconsin. And these are various photos throughout my apprenticeship here so far. No particular order. Ill post more as I do more. All feed back welcome, Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi I am currently browsing for tattoo supplies / kits as I would like to see if I like it by trying on fake skin /pig skin (Not real skin) before I dedicate 3 years to an apprenticeship. I know tattoo kits are normally very bad quality and made from China but I found one from Killer Ink for apprenticeships , but I would like to know your opinion on it and any information that can help . I would post pictures but the files are too big . It's called the Professional tattoo kit ||| - Advanced. Thanks in advance. Cian.
  8. Hi I am currently browsing for tattoo supplies / kits as I would like to see if I like it by trying on fake skin /pig skin (Not real skin) before I dedicate 3 years to an apprenticeship. I know tattoo kits are normally very bad quality and made from China but I found one from Killer Ink for apprenticeships , but I would like to know your opinion on it and any information that can help . I would post pictures but the files are too big . It's called the Professional tattoo kit ||| - Advanced. Thanks in advance. Cian.
  9. Hi I am currently browsing for tattoo supplies / kits as I would like to see if I like it by trying on fake skin /pig skin (Not real skin) before I dedicate 3 years to an apprenticeship. I know tattoo kits are normally very bad quality and made from China but I found one from Killer Ink for apprenticeships , but I would like to know your opinion on it and any information that can help . I would post pictures but the files are too big . It's called the Professional tattoo kit ||| - Advanced. Thanks in advance. Cian.
  10. So I've been apprenticing for just under a year, (it'll be a year in april) and while I have been learning a few things slowly I'm starting to wonder if the person who is supposed to be teaching me is taking advantage of free labour. I've done the set up and take down, and reception and cleaning. He's only let me draw two (very simple) final stencils and I haven't started practicing on fake skin yet. I'm fine with being patient but I want more opinions on this. He also wants a certain amount in tuition every year even though I've already worked for him for free for a year. Is this normal? He's also weird about me getting tattoos from other people (when it was their specific style and he couldn't have done it) and I was wondering if you guys think this is a breach of etiquitte? What would you expect from your apprentice? What other rules do you have? Everyone I've talked to in person has had very non formal apprenticeships so I haven't had any help there. I just want to know what is the norm in an apprenticeship
  11. NatureGirlInk

    Not your typical Apprentice

    Hello Folks, I am a former art-student who lost her way in the art world for a long long time and found myself working on an apprenticeship in my mid-30s. I am not your typical young buck with an ego-problem and I truly look forward to lurking and learning from folks
  12. Greetings Folks, Yes, I too have been an on-again, off-again troller here at Trails and I decided to "gift" myself with full membership -- I want support tattooer community space, good dialogue and take part in it too! Here's my story (short version of course): Tattooing is the crux of my professional passion -- it is what I want to do out in the world. Tattooing is the craft I want to build over the course of my life, my never-ending learning curve, my drive to be creative on a daily basis as a means of thriving. My brain and heart work in such a way that tattooing uniquely honors. Variety, short term projects AND long term works, technical knowledge as well as abstract wisdom, work hours, peer community, a livable wage, oh... and ART. The list goes on. It fits my nature like a dream, so I'm directing my life to make it into reality. Steps I've Taken So Far: -First step? I've started working on my portfolio! I'll start posting as soon as I have some completed pieces. -Step two? I'm a shop assistant at a very well respected shop. "Bridging/Minding The Gap" So this isn't a new story (read one other post in the archives about this and hoping for newer/fresher feedback). My shop explicitly said they weren't looking for an apprentice, and they didn't want anyone who was interested in learning to apply. My response? I kept my mouth shut and opened my eyes. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be there, period. I bring my all to the shop everyday. I scrub tubes, mop, break down and set up, sanitize, answer calls, speak with clients, etc. The vibe and feedback I get is awesome, and that's where I aim to be: Show up, do the work, job well done. Where To Go From Here: To be perfectly clear, I would be happy to never seek apprenticeship with anyone at this shop. I am not waiting to pester, bug, push, or insist anyone in the near future nor beyond. The opportunity alone is invaluable and I recognize it as such. I respect and honor their wishes around not wanting to entertain apprenticeship - the end! That said, does anyone have any experience or advice on what to do in my position? Right now my instinct says to: 1) Work on my portfolio so that has a decent amount of quality shit I'm proud of (an honest time frame for this is 4-6 months) 2) Start using my connections/community with the shop to meet and greet others out there 3) Get GOOD tattoos 4) Start asking for apprenticeship by approaching a select few artists who really (really!) make sense for me to be working with Feeling super blessed. Thanks for the feedback ya'll. Happy to be here.
  13. I'm a first year apprentice (I'll have been tattooing for a year next month). I'm mostly just looking for some advice on mags and shading techniques, as well as advice on good machines. My mentor sticks to a single kind of curved mag and gets good gradients and solids but I can't seem to get the same results. The supplier I like to order from doesn't have a list of mags so you have to know them before you order them. If someone could give me a full list of the different kind of mags and what they're meant for that would be awesome. As far as my shading, I hang the needles out about a nickles width. I have a 3-direction stretch (two fingers and opposite palm) and make small ovals with more oomph on the "push", with a good 45 degree-ish angle. I can get my solid black relatively solid without gnawing the skin but I feel like it takes me a lot longer than it should. I am so intimidated by doing large colour pieces because I feel like my shading is patchy. Even on grayscale pieces, I can't get the washes to look gradient and smooth. I don't know if it's my technique, my machine, or that the needles just aren't the best for what I want from them. As for machines, I am still using my first ones that she gave to me when I was ready. They're decent and the one i use for lining works well, but they're nothing fancy. My lines are very clean, I like to do thicker outlines (a 7 or 9 typically) and I can get good shading on smaller pieces using a round shader with that machine. I like rotaries for their simplicity, I know someone will probably tell me to try coils but quite honestly I never have tried one and my mentor hasn't used them in so long that she doesn't even recommend them anymore. I want to get a couple new rotaries and I've been looking at Bishop Rotaries but there are so many different kinds/suppliers out there that it would be useful to get pointed in the right direction. Sorry for the huge long post but I'd just really like to hear some different opinions.
  14. Killa_Kamila

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I posted here a few times but I guess I should give a proper introduction. I'm a 25 year old female apprentice from New Jersey. I am a full time graphic designer and web designer by trade. I apprentice tattooing after work and on weekends. I'm mostly into old school traditional flash and portraits.
  15. Vampiricjoker

    Noob Here

    Why hello there! I'm new to the site, stumbled across it two days ago and I haven't been able to get off of it since. Great investment I think in signing up for a membership. Especially being an apprentice, I'm hoping that it'll help me immensely. Little about myself, I am 20 years young. Female aspiring tattoo artist. I have been interested in being an artist since I was able to pick up a pencil basically. My great grandmother and mom were both artist so sitting down and finding someone to show me new drawing techniques or painting was never an issue. And helped keep the fire burning for my creative urges. Elementary and middle school just made it even better, a whole class deidcated to art was the main reason I even bothered to go later in life. I started submitting art to our little paper back then and everytime mine was published it just made it even more exhilirating to create something new. High school was no different, if not worse in encouraging my desire to be an artist. One, two, three classes if I could pull it off a year were art. I had even started signing away my lunch and study hall time for extra classes. From photography to clay to oil to just a pencil and paper I was hooked. And once I got to high school my art teachers and friends always told me my style of art preference would be wonderful for tattooing. And since my uncle is an artist himself just helped me to make the push to really get into it after hanging around the shop with him. I considered art schools right before graduating but unfortunatly they are far to expensive, and I'm more of a jump right in vs testing the waters kinda girl. So I started working right after high school, saved up for machines, supplies, books, flash, dvds you name it. Even saved for awhile to do permanent makeup in hopes of being able to find an apprenticship easier. Anyways two years later I finally got everything in order. I've been apprenticing since September. Tattooing since July. I've been studying piercing tattooing and permeant makeup the last two years. I would have started my apprenticship sooner, but ya know 18 on your own got bills to pay and such. I currently move to florida from chicago area (illinois) about 6 months ago give or take. Thankfully to my uncle I happened to fall into my apprenticship so you could say. Trying to look for a better mentor here pretty soon sadly. Idk what else to say really lol. So hopefully I'll get to know some of you, learn from all of you and hopefully do great work in the next few years! Nice to meet you all, (:
  16. I wanted to give an update! I learned a lot of things during my time here and search the boards all the time! So first thanks to all the knowledge here! I made a call to a local tattoo shop here in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland. They are known for hiring apprentices and then shipping them to new shop after a few years. I heard the shop owner originally wanted to dillute the tattoo industry in the area because his dad owned a shop and wanted to make it hard for pops to make money. Long story short. I filled out a general application, lots of questions about why I want to do this, any artist that I know, my favorite style and art background. Then, on the back of the application you had 30 minutes to draw up something to represent your art instead of a whole portfolio. I wont lie, I was shitting bricks! I started sketching and my hand was shaking so much I could barely draw a freaking line. I collected myself and calmed down and knocked out a pretty banging dagger going through a rose. They provided me with a ink pen and pencil, but I brought in my own markers and colored and shaded it. Shop manager came out and was impressed! I was geeked by his response. He actually asked how many tattoos I have done because my style leaned toward tattoo art and flash. He was happy I used colors and did something relevant vs coming in doing some weird skull or something. He took me back to his station and did a formal interview, few more questions and yaddi yah. But I think it went great. He loved my portfolio I brought in, and I also left him with a 5x7 contact card I painted, He loved the idea and was really brown away by my total package! (below) He said lots of people come in, not able to draw, or dedication to learn the history and art of tattooing. He said he will talk to his boss (shop owner) and contact me within a week. Details about the apprenticeship: He said I would start out as a shop volunteer for a few weeks to see how hard I work and if I vibe with the shop. Once that is finalized I would sign a 2 year contract not to tattoo anywhere else and I would be paid $300 a week until I built up a solid base of clients. I was geeked after I left, so hopefully my next update will be letting you guys know if they picked me up or not!
  17. Hey guys, Im a 29yr old chick who is just over the first 6 months of her apprenticeship at a great studio and I had the chance to have my first go on some fresh piggy today. Here are the results.... Im aware that the centre of the pattern is a little uneven and the darker green is patchy in places. The actual design measures approx 3.5" in diameter. I really liked Amybirds online diary of posts with pics of her practising on skin etc so I thought Id do one also :-) Ive agreed to do my first real tat on the other apprentice in the studio in 4 weeks time..... quite quite nervous...... even if it is a very small and simple design.