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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys. At first i have to say im a total beginner at tattooing. Im doing it for like 2 months right now. Mostly i teach myself by watching Youtube video's which i take notes of and reading in the internet. Im practicing on myself and my friends which know im still learning and not the best. I try to reflect what im doing and to analyse the healing process to find out what im doing wrong and how i could do it better. I know its not the best way to learn it by myself and that i should be learning in a studio with a good mentor but i hope you guys help me anyways... So now lets talk about the issue. When i finish tattoos i always think they are looking good (for my grade of experience). But when they heal and the crust starts to peel off und er the crust most off the color disappears. After crust peeled off: Before crust peeled off: URL=https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-89b63d-1548972547.jpg.html][/URL] Im working with a Chayenne Hawk Spirit, my ink is Form Silverback Ink and my cartridges are from Killer Ink. For outlines i used a 25BPTRLLT/07 Roundliner, and for the filling i used a 25SEMLT/09 Mag Curved Bugpin and a 35RSLT/07 Shader LongTaper for the smaller regions. I really hope you guys can say me what im doing wrong and give me some tips. Feel free to critisize but please stay constructive. Im so thankful for any help you guys can imagine...
  2. Mortalkrillin

    First tattoo colour loss?

    I got my first tattoos (2 of them) about a week and a half ago. One of them is a red heart on my wrist outlined in black. I’ve been washing them 2x /day with unscented soap. My tattoo artist advised me I didn’t need to moisturize the tattoo and that it’s best to leave it alone to heal. She did say if it’s cracking or really dry to apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizer. So, heart tattoo became very dry within 3 days and began to crack. I started using a thin layer of aquaphor once a day. It’s been a little over a week now and the scabs have fallen off however, the red is barely visible. My tattoo artist did say colour tattoos would be difficult because of my skin tone. I’m just wondering if colour tattoos will really be such an issue with my skin tone? (Because I really love colour tattoos and would love to get a bigger piece in the future) I’m about a medium tan colour. It just seems like a lot of colour loss to me but I’ve never had any tattoos and this is my only colour tattoo. My tattoo artist said she hasn’t done much colour work on anyone with my skin tone. The other is all black and I’ve had no issues with it healing.
  3. Hello, I got this tattoo back in January and it’s still shiny and cracked looking. I’ve been applying Lubriderm a few times throughout the day. Is this a normal part of the healing process or have I messed up the tattoo in some way? Is there anything I can do to fix the shininess or should I just let it be? Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a great tattoo after care product called AfterShock. Here's a 20% off code I recieved for it! https://sphotos-b.xx...948673811_n.jpg Also, here's their website where you can order. http://aftershockcare.com/ If the first link didn't work for you, the code is shock20.