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Found 15 results

  1. TattooVirgin

    Is my tattoo offensive?

    So I am looking at getting my first tattoo and the idea I have is for a lotus flower with a mandala type pattern inside each petal and the central petal representing Yoni, female strength, feminine divine and the vagina. However I am a caucasian female of european descent and am concerned that this would be offensive to Hinduism and possibly other cultures? The reason this tattoo is so personal and important to me is what it represents. I have spent the last four years studying a degree to become a midwife and have recently started practicing. These last four years have been the most challenging years of my life. For me the significance of a lotus growing from mud is metaphorically significant as my journey through challenges to flower as a midwife. The lotus flower also signifies rebirth and femininity. The significance of the Yoni reference is the appreciation I have for the female soul, mind and body. The strength and capability of growing and birthing a new life and my own strength as a woman. I could go on and but I think I have given enough detail... As in love as I am with this idea I really would hate to offend anybody from cultures which the history of these designs have originated. Please let me know your perspective on my tattoo idea!
  2. Vampiricjoker

    Applying to new shops

    Hello everyone, So the shop I am currently at I have been at for about three years. I loved working here in the beginning and redid my apprenticeship with them. I've improved but my mentor is never there anymore and I'm very discouraged. But unfortunately he is one of the owners and his partner also has been falling off lately. Its turning into a shit show. I'm generally just trying to keep getting better and build a portfolio. But at this point im just waiting to see if they get it together or if it will crash and burn. Now to my question. How the fuck do I apply for a new shop. I want to move out of state I've been putting a portfolio of my work together as best I can. Trying to put a wanna do book together as well before I go with various styles etc. But can anyone give me some advice on what I can do to help the process. Or present my self more professionally. Or advice on where to look like check their Facebook pages. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi! Im working on building a leg sleeve and was wondering what people have put on their inner thigh bc mine is a blank canvas and I’m not exactly sure what to put there to hide stretch marks
  4. So last week I got my second tattoo, and apparently my artist did not understand what I wanted at all, despite showing her reference photos and the style of my first tattoo. I wanted some violets in a very abstract, watercolor style. The attached photos were the only ones small enough, but they were my refs (first for the fade style, next two for the water color/abstractness), this is my first tattoo (that I love), and these are my new tattoo. Turns out, I absolutely hate what I ended up with. Like, have to take my glasses off to clean it, hate it. One way or another, it has to go. Is there any possibility a cover up or rework of it could even work? It's a lot bulkier than I wanted originally, so I'm kind of inclined to think it couldn't without being much, much bigger than I want. I'm tempted to just call it a complete loss and start researching tattoo removal, but I wanted to check if there's any chance to save it first. Thank you in advance, I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have. P.S. Also, I know it's technically a beautiful piece of work, I'm not criticizing the quality of the piece out of context. It's just very much not the style I wanted or like for myself.
  5. Hi, so my situation is that I would like to become a tattoo artist, however I have some difficulties with following the traditional route. I would be happy to be an apprentice, however I am about to begin my first year at university studying graphic communication. I have been researching into any other possible way to achieve my goal in a legitimate way, but need some advice from those who are established and have the experience. ive found some courses, that seem to be intensive 2 week courses, and cost around £3000! would this be something that anyone would recommend? im open to any advice, thanks for reading :) xo
  6. Hi everyone, I've been following the forum for some time to get ideas and knowledge but I just decided to register and ask around opinions about how to continue my tattoo. A year ago I got my second tattoo which was this nordic "vegvisir" and now I'm thinking on progress it into a half sleeve, I have many ideas I'd like to put together but I don't quite see it because it has a nordic and ¿geometrical? style and all the half sleeves I've seen are done with Thor faces and the like, and the rest of my ideas have nothing to do with the norse. I know it's an extremely personal topic, and I'm not asking for an exact desing, I just want to know if any of you had come across a similar situation and what do you suggest me to do so it doesn't look strange or like a mashup of ideas with nothing in common. Should I continue with the nordic-like designs, leave the arm as it is and continue my tattooes somewhere else or do you know a way to continue here? Thanks in advance and sorry about my english, not my mother tongue.
  7. Hey, I'd like advice from the community about a... situation with my first tattoo. I'll talk through the whole story and then share my thoughts and where I want advice. For well over a year I've had this tattoo idea. It's gone through many iterations in my head (and on various pieces of paper) but broadly focuses around a mountain landscape in a place special to me and my wife. I'd roughly decided on a design and started looking for artists by a combination of Googling and Instagram. Eventually I found one guy whose work really blew me away. Everything he posted on Instagram was incredible. He mainly does sketch style black tattoos which fitted perfectly. I did my research and it seemed like he was pretty respected where I live and came up on some lists of "best tattoo artists" in the area. Furthermore he was a resident at a very respected tattoo studio. I then noticed a colleague in my work had a beautiful tattoo that looked like his style and she also vouched for the guy. What could possibly go wrong? So I reached out to the guy. He didn't answer my first email... so I went into the shop. The receptionist kind of rolled his eyes and said "he might not have seen it. Just keep sending emails and don't go elsewhere, it's worth waiting for the right artist". So eventually he answered my (third) email and asked me to send through my idea. I told him about the mountain landscape and sent some pictures, but really wanted him to get creative with his style and see what he could come up with. He then said "Where do you want the tattoo and what size? Could you send me some photo you like of your idea?" - and clearly hadn't seen my previous emails (first alarm bell). So I sent him some ideas, including a picture of the landscape and an example of an ink-blotch representing a reflection in the water to give it some slight symmetry. So he gives me a quote, explains about deposits etc and also explains that "All designs will be shown at day your appointment, i dont send anything before" (second alarm bell). I thought this was a little odd, but what do I know, I've never gotten a tattoo. Furthermore, everything of his online is amazing so he must me really good and it'll all be fine! Fast forward to the day. I arrive, everything seems fine... then he shows me his sketches. He's got the mountains totally totally how I wanted them... but no reflection. So I asked about what he thought of the reflection photos I sent through. He answered "I didn't see those pictures, I only got these two". So he'd used the images from my previous email but not the images from the follow-up email I sent after he asked me to send photos (third alarm bell)! After showing him those photos he said that the ink-blotch style I wanted for the reflection would look "dirty" (despite the fact he'd done it before in other designs albeit not for reflections) and said a mirror type reflection would look better. So I followed the advice I'd received online that you should follow the advice of a decent tattoo artist. So this is where things went wrong: He said to me "If you want it to look like a reflection in water, you should make the reflection longer than the image." I don't really do drawing at all let alone as good as this guy, so I took his word for it and didn't think much of it. I'll admit that, when I first saw it, I did quite like what I saw. So I went with it and got the tattoo done. He told me all the usual stuff about how to treat a tattoo and that I should contact him if there's any questions and then I should could back in after 6 weeks for a checkup. When I was showing people a few days later, someone said "The reflection looks a bit odd". Quite blunt of them, but I then started looking at it and wondering the same. So I went on Google and found several images of mountains reflected on lakes as well as this wikipedia page explaining the physics of reflections. I couldn't believe it... he was wrong. There is literally no way that a real life image would ever look like this. Since then, I've had my wife and a friend (the only one I could bring myself to share my worry to) tell me that I should try and learn to love it and take my own interpretation... but I just can't help thinking that this guy basically fucked up and that I had his fuck-up permanently on my arm. So that's the story... here is the tattoo (fresh after getting it done thus the red) and the questions / advice I'd like. Is this totally my fault? Maybe I should have thought more about it, but I felt slightly under pressure (it's the way I am) and just went with it. Furthermore, this could be seen as a product of his "I show you on the day" plus his lack of homework or checking his emails properly. Should I explain my frustration to him? Either immediately or at the 6 week check-up. I doubt there's anything he could do to rectify it, and I doubt I would get a refund, but at least he would know him mistake for the future if he tried to do another reflection. Should I get a cover up / get it removed / accept the imperfection and try and learn to love it anyway? My worry is that even if it still looks good, I'll never be able to forget that he kinda messed up the drawing of this place that's special to me. Am I overreacting? Does it still look good? (see below) Please be nice. Honest... but nice. Thanks in advance.
  8. So just over a year ago I got a tattoo on my bicep area. I made a mistake and didn't fully research the artist beforehand but I did research the shop and they had pretty much all 5/5 reviews. Anyway, i asked for a throne with roses around it and showed them the style i wanted, they recommended me Jordan and we booked it. A few weeks later I come in to get it done. First red flag, he forgot to put the roses around it and he added all these weird lines through the throne design. He apologised and I agreed to let him freehand the roses and for some reason I didnt say anything about the lines (my fault but i didnt want to be insulting). Then came placement, i said i wasnt sure where but i wanted it on my arm and asked him where he thought it would sit nicely. The placement was awful but i didnt notice until it was finished. Second red flag- it took 5 hours for a 2 hour tattoo. Third red flag i didnt find out he was a junior/apprentice? Until 1/3 into the tattoo. Anyhow i hated the tattoo but tried to convince myself i just needed to get rid. 1 year later i still hate it, the lines and shading are chunky, blurry and raised and now something even worse has happened. Out of nowhere the tattoo has become extremely lumpy and raised. I dont know why or what to do. Someone help please!
  9. Hello All! I am a 28 year old female who has devoted my life to art and finding a job and career I will love instead of working the dreadful 9-5 for a headache and lousy paycheck. I am very artistic and have been drawn to art since I was a very small child...As I got older my mediums have changed (I still finger paint lol) but my goals haven't. I have always wanted to work a job I'd love, around artsy people who have the San passions I do. Now let's fast forward some years of dedication to the art and picture me lost in the world of wanting that perfect apprenticeship. I applied for a great position and have myself an interview coming up! Years of research and dedication might land me my dream job- If I could just relax (lol). I'm usually not this excited over an interview but this is my dream guys and I'm super pumped! This is not just a "job" I'm applying for but a career move that could change my life...Which leads me to the questions I have: 1. Were any of you so giddy before your interviews and how did you deal? 2. What is a "normal" rule of thumb for the attire worn at an interview? Clothes, hair, nails and accessories? And finally if you remember any pivotal moments during your interview can you post them as well? I'm so very excited to see your responses! Thanks for answering, hopefully we will be chatting soon! X×xDeFelicex×X
  10. Hey everyone, I could really use some advice making a big life decision! I have been talking to a shop in town and they recently offered me an apprenticeship (woo!) but I'm getting really nervous about committing to their contract. The apprenticeship contract states that after around a year of being an apprentice, I would be required to work there for FIVE years. Five years is a long time for anyone, especially a youngster like me. And this small town isn't the place I want to live in for most of my 20s. Seems like 2 or 3 years would be more reasonable, although I understand that they want to get a lot of work out of me after they teach me so much valuable information. Is five years normal? Is it unheard of for me to try to negotiate with them? Should I maybe just try for another shop in the town that I actually want to live in for the next six years? Thank you so much!
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  12. rxdley

    New To The Forum

    Hey, So as you've probably guessed from the title, I'm new to the forum. I'm currently in the process of building up a portfolio in order to hopefully find a tattoo apprenticeship so have joined the forum to gain some advice and feedback on my work and to help me along my road to successfully building this career. I enjoy doing a range of different styles, from traditional to portraiture to pointillism and I'd love to get to know others on the forum and see the work that you're doing yourselves and just hear what you have to say. I'm from Suffolk in the UK so it would also be great to get to know people from near me as well. Thank you for reading
  13. Hello, guys! I'm new here . I found your forum and i tought it is the perfect change to ask you, who I'm sure know a lot about tattoos, for an opinion. In march I had this tattoo, and now I want a flower shoulder. Do you have any ideea from where I should begin to unite this one with other flowers? Do you have an idea in mind? A flower design ? Thanks!
  14. taigi100

    First Tattoo Advice

    Hey, for a few years now I've been thinking about getting a tattoo and finally decided that it is time I do the proper research on it. In terms of design, I am thinking something alike the following image. From the picture only the outline matters, not the colours. It is basically a combination of the following: They both have huge emotional meaning for me personally as they do represent an important part of my childhood. In big lines, the first one represents courage and the second one friendship. Initially, I've only thought about getting the first one ( the sun ) but later I found a combination of the two. Here are my questions: 1. Where should I place it? I know I want someplace visible for me yet not sure where. As for my build, I'm a tall fit (gymnastics like body ) guy, in his early 20s. Thinking inner forearm but not sure. 2. What suggestions do you have about the design? All ideas are welcome
  15. I'm a first year apprentice (I'll have been tattooing for a year next month). I'm mostly just looking for some advice on mags and shading techniques, as well as advice on good machines. My mentor sticks to a single kind of curved mag and gets good gradients and solids but I can't seem to get the same results. The supplier I like to order from doesn't have a list of mags so you have to know them before you order them. If someone could give me a full list of the different kind of mags and what they're meant for that would be awesome. As far as my shading, I hang the needles out about a nickles width. I have a 3-direction stretch (two fingers and opposite palm) and make small ovals with more oomph on the "push", with a good 45 degree-ish angle. I can get my solid black relatively solid without gnawing the skin but I feel like it takes me a lot longer than it should. I am so intimidated by doing large colour pieces because I feel like my shading is patchy. Even on grayscale pieces, I can't get the washes to look gradient and smooth. I don't know if it's my technique, my machine, or that the needles just aren't the best for what I want from them. As for machines, I am still using my first ones that she gave to me when I was ready. They're decent and the one i use for lining works well, but they're nothing fancy. My lines are very clean, I like to do thicker outlines (a 7 or 9 typically) and I can get good shading on smaller pieces using a round shader with that machine. I like rotaries for their simplicity, I know someone will probably tell me to try coils but quite honestly I never have tried one and my mentor hasn't used them in so long that she doesn't even recommend them anymore. I want to get a couple new rotaries and I've been looking at Bishop Rotaries but there are so many different kinds/suppliers out there that it would be useful to get pointed in the right direction. Sorry for the huge long post but I'd just really like to hear some different opinions.