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Found 10 results

  1. Hiya, new to this website, drawing and tattooing but i have bagged myself an apprenticeship at Serenity Arts Tattoo in Eastham.. https://www.facebook.com/serenityartstattoo?ref=hl My boss is great and has helped me out loads! Find his work on the link above.. I have been drawing since January this year and have started trying to do portraits. Want tips on how to make things look real, photo realism etc. Pencils, brand of pencil, any tips whatsoever. Here is my portrait of Mohammad Ali. Fell free to absolutely rip it to pieces, it is all going to help. Cheers, Joe
  2. morenominerva

    Chino Moreno Portrait

    here is my first attempt at a portrait. i am happy with how it turned out. i used a mechanical pencil and a blending stick. i am excited to do more soon. thanx for lookin
  3. VonFarko

    Sword Eye

    I was at the doc today and drew this on the back of my medical history report. Just for funsies. Resolution might be weird cuz I took a pic of it from my phone, emailed that to myself and then resized it and uploaded it here. It was about 3 inches across. Thanks, Vf
  4. VonFarko

    Mike Malone Study Completed

    Hi everyone, I have been quiet lately but not for nothing... I had a 'free' day today and committed to finishing my Mike Malone inspired whip that I showed around mid September. I tried to post the picture but am still a bit dumb to the way this computer mumbo jumbo works so here is the link to the sketch, http://forum.ink-tra...__fromsearch__1 Anyhow, I changed and added a couple things, I could go into them but I need pizza and beer. So, if you have Q's or comments I will respond and will also try to not get pizza grease all over your computer. Thanks, VF
  5. VonFarko

    Heart And Stuff

    Here is a heart thing I got from a Ensminger? (can't remember) tattoo design I saw in a book. I rework all my stuff to the way I like it. This includes shading, ANY design elements, and additional background material so if you know this design it is different intentionally. Thanks for looking and thanks for any comments. We make Ink Trails alive, comment and crits are welcome!!!! Regards, VF
  6. VonFarko


    Here is my take on a panther design I found in a tattoo book. I think it the original was done by Paco Excel, I took some creative freedoms as I wasn't really liking the tongue and teeth arrangement of the original. Thx, VF
  7. VonFarko


    Here is a drawing of an eagle. I took a copy of an eagle that I found in a library book and went off of that alone. I tried my best to capture all the detail the copy would show. Thanks everyone, VF
  8. VonFarko

    Art Machine

    Angry, drunken art robot. Inspiration for this came from Big Daddy Roth. Thanks Ink Trails community! Sincerely, VF
  9. VonFarko

    The Crazy Baboon

    Here is one of my latest sketches. Here, I'm trying to focus on depth and line shapes here, I don't think this is what an anatomically correct baboon would look like but that wasn't my concern. I was going after a Dave Waugh styling. Thanks friends, VF
  10. Hi everyone, I wanted to add this drawing I did for my latest tattoo. It is a tribute to my Uncle Benji, who passed way too soon. He had a tattoo of his guitar, a Rhoads Concorde on his right arm with the initials of his snake on each side of the neck. This drawing had to have all the elements of my strongest memories of him and his tattoo with some new touches, I added my snake around the guitar and placed his snakes name onto the guitar "Julius." He was more brother than uncle and the kind of friend everyone should have. I kept the before and after images here even though that may not be the most appropriate way to organize them. This tattoo was done By Tony Olvera at Lady Luck Tattoo Gallery in Tempe AZ. Thank you, VF