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Found 6 results

  1. hi everyone. i posted something like this before, but i asked for only cartoony and new school designs, however now i want to try realism/traditional tattoos. i have always failed at realism with anatomy, shading etc. can anyone give me ideas of stuff to sketch and draw to improve my realism? shading tips are useful too as i suck at placement. thank you all yes i am a bad artist, and very unprepared to learn tattooing, but bear with me.
  2. Hiya, new to this website, drawing and tattooing but i have bagged myself an apprenticeship at Serenity Arts Tattoo in Eastham.. https://www.facebook.com/serenityartstattoo?ref=hl My boss is great and has helped me out loads! Find his work on the link above.. I have been drawing since January this year and have started trying to do portraits. Want tips on how to make things look real, photo realism etc. Pencils, brand of pencil, any tips whatsoever. Here is my portrait of Mohammad Ali. Fell free to absolutely rip it to pieces, it is all going to help. Cheers, Joe
  3. just looking for some feedback on this recent lantern composition I drew, (how the line weights are, composition, strong and week points, flow and lay out, etc.) thanks for any feed back offered
  4. Ay Eye Drawing.

    Hello.. This is the latest drawing i did.. i got inspired from alot of works. i would like to get some critic. thanks.
  5. Your Drawing Tools Of The Trade

    hey guys so im really interested into what people use for there drawing. At the moment im stuck with colour pencils no brand just cheap ass ones got some decent drawing pencils and hb's but my drawing is starting to take off now and i think its about time i invested into alot more. i like the idea of using pens to colour and some one was telling me to use black pens for outlines etc. post your tools of the trade and please help me understand what pens, pencils etc are best to use from your experiences thankyou enjoy
  6. Art Machine

    Angry, drunken art robot. Inspiration for this came from Big Daddy Roth. Thanks Ink Trails community! Sincerely, VF