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Found 2 results

  1. Hiya, new to this website, drawing and tattooing but i have bagged myself an apprenticeship at Serenity Arts Tattoo in Eastham.. https://www.facebook.com/serenityartstattoo?ref=hl My boss is great and has helped me out loads! Find his work on the link above.. I have been drawing since January this year and have started trying to do portraits. Want tips on how to make things look real, photo realism etc. Pencils, brand of pencil, any tips whatsoever. Here is my portrait of Mohammad Ali. Fell free to absolutely rip it to pieces, it is all going to help. Cheers, Joe
  2. Redjorma


    Hi! This one I made for my big brother. Took over a year to finish lol. Mainly because he had very strong opinions about the design. I made around 30 sketches basing on a drawing he did and none of them was really good enough. Then one day I just decided not to give a fuck about his opinion and just do it my way. And fortunately it was worth it There are few thing I could have done better, some symmetry issues, silly lining mistakes and uneven colors but I think this is one of the best paintings I've done so far. I should have done the upper moon differently and I shouldn't have lined the design with red. The right side of the squares on its wings is really black, it just shines weirdly on the photo. The greyish yellow on its wings and behind the head is golden marker. I just fell in love with it, looks so awesome IRL. Tell me everything!! -Mikko