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      THIS IS A SITE FOR ARTISTS, NOT CLIENTS (Please read before posting)   04/18/2018

      I'm seeing a lot more questions from people who are looking to get tattoos, asking about ideas, healing instructions, etc. These are questions you should ask YOUR  LOCAL TATTOO ARTIST, not random people on the internet. This site is specifically for tattoo artists and those looking to get into the trade by way of an apprenticeship. Don't be shy! Google local artists and drop by a shop or two, check out their portfolio of work and talk about your ideas with a professional who can help you achieve the best tattoo experience. 

       Thanks for reading!

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  1. Newbe here.. any advice????

    Do it the right way.
  2. Lovers Names, Matching Tattoos

    I know i cover alot of them up. just sayin
  3. with an war injury i have leg and back problems, thank god for my critical or eikon with continuous on. thats the only reason i have one. i build and sell alot of machines, ONLY upon request will i give up the numbers, BUT i dont tune to numbers, you cant, its impossible, you will chase them around, without knowing what causes what and how to alter it, its pointless, everyone is different. my everyday liner, runs at 103hrtz 63duty at 9 volts, thats part of the mojo of a machine, i will never sell the machine ever, lays a line like a marker, everytime, if it does what u need it to, what else matters. dave is right, listen!
  4. Just Curious

    are the tooling marks intentional, not the knurling, maybe clean those up with some micro files and see what you got. $10 is average for binders through most suppliers, so you are on track, good start
  5. Ink, What Brands?

    sorry i misquoted myself above, Dynamic is not eternal. I was thinking about the guy from there that started fusion. OOppps my bad.
  6. buy a cheap machine, tattoo with it, buy a good tattoo machine, throw your cheap one away. the difference is night and day.
  7. Misconceptions

    To clarify exactly who i am. I dont have a building partner in anyway shape or form. I work with another builder on this forum, I do not cross lines on the building aspect. He does his thing I do mine. I wind my own coils, make most of my own frames. Most of my hardware is handmade or Lucky's. If you have any questions on my builds ask me dont assume. Thank you for your time.
  8. Bored With Damascus

    thanks for the kind words, ive never had anyone disappointed yet, more new stuff to come, machine is gone, going back in my personal collection, too nice to sell at that price.
  9. Ink, What Brands?

    Ala Prima is horse shit, dynamic IS eternal, i use electric ink, better than starbrite, good colors, use some eternal for cover ups, its all in how you tattoo with whats gonna work for you. Hit up checkmate he is the distributor for electric, electric ink us .com
  10. Bored With Damascus

    One can never have too many machines, I dont mind putting it on the shelf,
  11. Bored With Damascus

    200 shipped anywhere, going... going... this machine will practically color for you, super smooth blends, solid color pack, medium stroke, runs at 8 volts with a medium hit, tuned in skin, guaranteed for life, baring abuse.
  12. Bored With Damascus

  13. Bored With Damascus

    yeah i was out filing my ass off, just come down next time
  14. Bored With Damascus

    Bored over a long weekend, had some damascus billet from PF, made it out of two differnt patterns, one random, one ladder, both Donnelly, kinda jensenish, nice midline shader, have a damascus abar, but didnt like the sound, no heat treat, just acid etch, kinda cool, its for sale if anyone likes it, im tattooing with it today, im sure it rocks Pm me
  15. My First Portrait...

    u know what you need to do, you are on track, looks good