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  1. matman

    My Latest Challenge

    Just in case I failed to mention it, the dagger was already there, friggin horrible aint it?? It will be covered somehow in the future. . .with something.
  2. matman

    Start Of New Bio-mech/coverup

    You know I love this shit man, had time to finish it yet??
  3. matman

    My Latest Challenge

    I keep telling him that Bris, he just don't get it. I've seen portraits from 'pros', that are dubious. Some guys excel in it, but it seems one of those areas where you either have it you don't. I won't be trying it until... well. . . for a loooong time.
  4. matman

    Check This One Out

    hey all, thanx for the input Yo jabards, thanx again man, that fits well, just what I had in mind, except, its facing backwards, I've done a rough job with a reaper type skull i just found the design with on google with a "Devils Mark" watermark, dont know who it is, but there's some mad skulls & demons there. All input appreciated
  5. matman

    My Latest Challenge

    He wanted a set of nice tits in there too, but alas, I forgot.
  6. My first major work was filling in a tribal sleeve, the outline was done, so a good 10-12 hours of solid black fill was a great learning curve, for me.
  7. Wasn't sure where to put this.... lost my way around the boards. Anyway, here it is, a mate I havent seen for over 15 years came down from Cairns. He heard I was eventually doing some ink, I told him back then, I would do him some ROFL. SO, somewhere in the gutter he wound up with this on his arm. I don't know where to start, so I won't. Just stare and shake your head like I did. Anyway, I'm still looking for a suitable design to hide it for him.
  8. matman

    My Latest Challenge

    Hey all, long time no see?? Almost through the first stage of the tree shading, once done I'm bonna go back put some more contrast and gradients thru it (although he's happy, I'm not-yet). Need to finish the branches also, they just stop dead, havent planned that out yet... he wants to put something else in there, I'm still throwing ideas at him, he's the kinda guy that will say "yeah man go for it" to anything, so I have to just say NO sometimes, I dont want it turning out crap if I'm not ready for something, for instance he wants me to do a portrait of his best mate that was killed a while back, I gotta say "Look man, I aint ready yet", he says "yeh man, just do it". Anyway, off the track here, havent chatted for a while . Sorry once again bout the pic, getting a new camera soon(i hope). Any input-good & bad- always appreciated, ideas also(hint, hint)
  9. matman

    A Few From The Shop

    Yo, Bretho, don't think you were in a shop las ttime I logged in, ( i may be mistaken) congrats anyway, & impressive shit man, keep it up.
  10. matman

    Hello Again

    Hey all, I've beeen err.. reflecting, and focusing on art techniques etc for a while, been off the machines. I'm back anyway, I'm just popping in to say Hi, again. I've been reading from time to time, but it's time I logged in to say I'm back on & off, so to all old & new, keep inking, put your heart & soul into it brutha's(and sista's) Did i read 5000 members somewhere?? congrats guys, it rocks!!!
  11. matman

    Help Aussie Artists!

    Maybe if you took time to look over InkTrails first, learn what we are all about, you may have recieved a cooler reception man. If it's a hobby to you, first impressions from here are you have a misled plan to cash in like so many before you have- - -and failed. If you were genuine, you would of joined up, hgad a look around, get to know some members, get a consensus on your plan, take it from there, but. . . .you went the same way as many a spammer before you. Good Luck, you'll need it.
  12. matman

    My Latest Challenge

    Thanx mate, the problem was I didnt have a reference in front of me to do the shadows etc. (mortal sin, i know). I told him i aint going back until i have some photos of trees, for reference, and some practice in shading trees-much to his dismay, he just wants ink there and then, doesnt care if i aint prepared to do it properly. . I saw the text/font pieces in ur gallery, with a bit of grey, theyre done with straight black and whipp shade huh? ill try it on some piggy for a while, try pick it up. If ya have any tips etc. drop a PM please mate. I like them.
  13. matman

    A Few Recent Tatts

    Bretho, youre coming along ion leaps & bounds dude If you aint a natural, then nobody is, top shit mate. (sorry but I may just harass you for some advice/tips in the near future) :D Yo, what colours/inks did u use on the flowers??
  14. matman

    My Hannya Effort

    I wish i knew more about oriental elements. Im interested now, so next time it make more sense. This was my first go at it, didnt know squat about what means what, it was fun though. The teeth I did with red acrylic, then went over it partially with gold paint. I liked the effect too. thanx everyone. I intend to dtudy the culture(the art culture) a bit,, and have another go sometime, thanx twoshay for inspiration
  15. matman

    Ok, Hope I Dont Get Kicked Off Lol!

    Sorry bout thr bad turn of events man, but I believe everything balances out. Lifes full of harmonics. The bad luck will be followed by good luck. Thats my eccentric opinion anyway. Enough ranting, glad to have you back onboard Josh, I apologise on behalf of the egotistical so-and-so's last time you joined. Appreciate the tips mate.