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  1. Nippyneedle

    Proper Introduction

    WOW, is it really as bad as that...?
  2. Nippyneedle

    HD Stencils

    Yep, just lock it in and leave it, LOL..
  3. Nippyneedle

    HD Stencils

    It all comes down to Skin Prep and Stencil Application tbh...They will last a full session no probs if applied correctly..
  4. Nippyneedle

    HD Stencils

    Some folks prefer full details and some prefer to map a design..I prefer the latter, as less stressful and easier if the Client Taps out...What do other Folk think..?
  5. Rather than read through, and dissect all the submissions regarding Reported Posts and Members, some of which were very eloquently put, I just deleted ALL POSTS which fell into the categories mentioned above...Still a few to go, but, will catch them in due course... If you submitted a Post or another Member, for any reason, then, I apologise as I was not here at the time, and to back track evidence, would melt my head....However, from now on, any fukn around, or shenanigans, will be dealt with accordingly, so, please play fair, and try to respect each other, if that is not possible, then hide your keyboard, or scroll on by, or, if you feel the need, hit me up with your issue/reason...Peace y'all.P. If you are bored, then, have a scan of my youtube channel, might help refresh your memories of who I am..With my lovely Scottish accent...
  6. Nippyneedle

    Back again.

    Will take me a few days to blow the cobwebs off, and to navigate around this new set up...Should be fun...Then I will bore the fuk out of yous with an update on what/where/why and when..Catch yous later Motherhubbards..
  7. Nippyneedle

    Proper Introduction

    Yep, facebook has a lot to answer for..
  8. Nippyneedle

    Neotat vivace or spektra halo 2?

    I took 2 years out from Coils a few Years back....I have ran Rots that most folk have not heard of, I was also on a few Rot Prototype teams, lots of Folks trying to replicate a Coil liner...I have ran Dan Kubins, all of them, Francos Bishops, crazy shit like the Action Rotary and Dino Cassarins Builds, as well as all of Dales aka Rotaryworks Builds.Even the Killerbee and the newer Spektra Models....However...To answer your question, it is simple....What is your budget, how do you work and what hit do you like...Simple...
  9. Needle gauge, throw and depth need to be considered as well as other factors to prevent blow-outs or ink migration...All comes down to the tattooists technique and experience tbh...
  10. Nippyneedle

    Is this tattoo touch up botched??

    Let it heal first....
  11. Nippyneedle


    I think I was last on here about 18 mos ago, so much has changed, once I get back to the Old Screen we will be good as the Old Screen was easier to navigate, does the Old Screen still exist..?
  12. Nippyneedle

    I need ideas for new tattoos

    Long time no see....
  13. Hey Nippyneedle,

    Im looking into purchasing a new machine and want to go with cartridges. I currently use a triple conrod Rotaryworks for lining and a bishop capo for shading and color (which i rarely do) with a critical cx2 power supply. Im willing to spend about 600 USD but would want a machine that can line and shade. I would also prefer to use disposable tubes. I see that the spectra X is highly reviewed in other forums but I've also been looking at the Hawk Thunder and Hawk pen.  What do you think about these machines is there another machine you would recommend? Any other useful information on the pros/cons to cartridges?


  14. Nippyneedle

    I'm Back Too..

    Really cool work....Very talented indeed..