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  1. I'm sure Fax machines are thermal unlike a dot matrix/ impact printer which will work with either hand draw stencil paper or thermal stencil paper.fax machines do work as I used one about 7 years ago but can be a bit of a pain in the ass to get used to reversing your drawing. Try hunting down a cheap 24 pin dot matrix printer it'll save you some heartache
  2. ...and out of the whole internet you found a skull with half a mask and a butterfly πŸ€”I think you never looked very hard!
  3. .. im not here to answer some damn questions im here becuse i want some tattoo ideas.. THAT response is what makes you look like you're arrogant and the world owes you something, Buy some tattoo magazines or go to google images and type in 'tattoo ideas' I'm sure you'll find something you like or get an idea from, but to come onto a forum and ask "what should I get tattooed" is like stopping strangers in the street and asking them. Nobody except you knows what your tastes or preferences are and 99.9% of people can't read minds contrary to what you read on Facebook
  4. If you're just gonna be an arrogant dickhead you can just fuck off right now . Now THATS an idea.
  5. If your friend owns a studio why not have him draw something up for youπŸ€”
  6. Not forgetting thickness of springs, length of springs, capacitors, air gap etc... you'll probably think you've opened a small can of worms only to discover that it's more like the Tardis πŸ˜‰
  7. So what part of the skin don't you want to 'tare up' ? As not every area of the body has the same type of skin , some parts are tougher than others ( elbows) some parts are more tender ( inner arm bicep area) and the list goes on. Personally I've never heard of a 'script' liner πŸ€” So it must be one of those new godamn hipster things.
  8. I really do think that DaGG should try to get out more often ,or maybe the state facility holding him/her doesn't allow unsupervised day-release 😏
  9. Are we back in kindergarten now? πŸ€” what a fuckin ridiculous post to make on this forum
  10. Haven't tried the colours, but had the ultra black and the lining. Lack a few years ago and wasn't disappointed with either. Then I was pointed in the direction of Waverly dark black and haven't looked back. If the black Buddha colours are as nice as the black I would probably take a chance ( maybe see if they have a "sample set", just in case you either don't like them or they cause problems/ reactions on peopleπŸ€” just my tuppence worth πŸ˜‰
  11. Upside down or the right way upπŸ€”.....decisions, decisions! πŸ˜‚
  12. Yes it's fixable, but I failed geography at school too! where has Italy gone?πŸ€”
  13. Maybe your tattooist forgot to apply some Vaseline to help with the clean-up as he's working, I do however sort of understand what he is refering to ( are you an older type person?) around elbows are very hard to keep clean as the skin has a lot of 'folds' which do tend to trap the ink making it harder to keep clean. IMO there isn't anything YOU can do to help, your artist is just gonna have to suck it up! πŸ˜‰
  14. Study and copy some of the old flash from yesteryear and by the time you have done a few you will start to understand that bold will hold and the colours were much more limited back in the day, also you will find that simple stuff isn't really as simple as it looks.... Mac
  15. Exactly who is looking at your foot from a distance? πŸ€” Maybe a picture would help instead of a vague description
  16. pretty sure your post said you had been out of work for a few months with no mention of a new jobπŸ€” But anyway.... now that we're all friends again here's your answer, go into a shop and explain what you want and ask for a price, some charge by the hour and some charge by the piece, I'm in Australia and most shops here charge between 160-180 an hour.
  17. He can kiss mine and I won't even charge him.. cos I'm a grumpy old fuck πŸ˜‚ If he wants advice maybe this isn't the ideal forum to be in , try juat can't understand why a legit tattooist would be asking a dickhead like that to price a tattoo,πŸ˜• Or has his shit command of the English language thrown me off somewhere? I'm positive he asked the tattooist for a price on an arrow on his inner bicep and he responded by 'how much do you reckon? To which he replied 15-20 bucks, to which his artist laughed ( I don't blame him to be honest) i think the OP should just fuck off and get a job before deciding he wants a tattoo especially if his limit is just less than a packet of cigarettes just sayin' πŸ˜‰
  18. I preferred the old ink trails where it was about the tattooing aspect of tattooing and not about the price/ cost/ or what should I get/where should I get it or the 'I got this and it doesn't look like what I wanted any more ( cos I picked fuck out of it but I get a free touch up) what do you guys think' if they would just read the intro/ rules they would see that half the people on here haven't even used a tattoo machine on anything other than rubber practice skins or pigskin but they are asking mostly 'amateurs and wannabes' what is the best thing to do/ get FFS... I just read that to myself and I look like a grumpy old cunt, that's what happens when u reach 50+πŸ˜‚ Mac
  19. If you look closely....
  20. If it's not covered then it's not a coverup, more like a 'disguise' to take your eye away from the name. It's your job to explain to people what is gonna work and what isn't!
  21. I get the feeling that you are somehow affiliated with stylemans site , this forum was specifically set up for people trying to 'become' tattooists or get into the trade .NOT for people to comment on random posters pic of a 2 minute/3 line tattoo which has been picked at or not looked after properly.... have problem with your tat?... go back to your artist fuck I could go on forever ... just saddened to see the trails become what it has πŸ˜•
  22. Cancel the dentist appointment and go get a tattoo...πŸ€”
  23. You would probably have more chance of catching something from your doctors surgery! Just saying...πŸ˜‰
  24. So really what you are saying is that yes you did receive aftercare instructions and no you did not follow them but instead decided that you knew best and let it dry out then do an internet search to find out of YOU have managed to get it infected?πŸ€” ....just saying! πŸ˜‰
  25. Looks like it's in the last stage of healing as you can see where the scabbing on the line work has 'shrunk' . It also looks like it's very dry! , did you get aftercare instructions from your artist? Like washing it and applying ointment? The pain could be from the fact that it is dry and 'tight' but then again I'm looking at the pic on a phone which means I can't see a great pic of it. IMO, have a shower and dry it let it go for another 3 days maximum and if it's the same go see a doctor