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  1. Been watching too much “Miami ink” or the likes.... nobody “really” wants to hear your bullshit story behind your “tattoo” . Just pic a picture from the wall ... “old school” style 😉
  2. mac_1au

    Tattoo healed badly, not sure why

    To me it looks like it was done with cheap inks by someone who can’t tattoo , but you say it was done in a shop. 🤔 you say you looked after it well but the 2nd pic looks like a massive scab, you do know you had to wash it and the scab would have been minimal? unless it’s a ‘healing’ thing due to your medical condition then I have no answer for you (my sister is type 1 diabetic with loads of tattoos and never once had any problems) except go back to the shop where it was done and get them to fix it as it’s only6 months old and looks like it’s 60 years old! Good luck!
  3. mac_1au

    nature ideas

    🤷‍♂️ So you have a ‘plan’ but you don’t know what to get , but whatever you get has to be hidden, so you came here to get ideas?🤔 have you tried a google search for ‘forest tattoo’ ? why not get a nice unicorn 🦄 on your leg as it will fit with the ‘forest’ theme that you are aiming for. other than that suggestion you could always go into a tattoo shop and explain your predicament to an artist there...
  4. mac_1au

    My first tattoo

    The first tattoo you should do should be on yourself! that way you get a feel for speed, depth, angle, stretch, etc without fucking someone up
  5. mac_1au

    Is my tattoo too dark?

    It will lighten up considerably although the stuff in the inside has been made pretty dark on purpose to accentuate the leaves. Looks pretty damn fine to me. I would wear it no problem. Leave it alone and let it heal and your hair grow back, it’s amazing how much it tones down
  6. Try acting like a ‘grown-up’ and the info/assistance/pointers gets better, keep acting like a total twat and it all stops ... just sayin’ 😉
  7. Not much point sharing our knowledge as you seem to know it all already judging by your whole attitude, but since you are here..... raised and bumpy probably due to overworked skin or going too fast with machine or too slow with hand causing it to basically tear your skin more like a cut than a series of holes ( if that makes sense!) palms and fingers are difficult to tattoo as there are real hard parts on the palm and some much softer parts, hence your blowouts. These almost always need retouching , sometimes several times as the skin on your hands(and feet) seem to be worn away and regenerates faster than other parts of the body rinsing white each time.... not necessary unless you are using other colours at the same time (highlighting a healed tattoo with white as opposed to highlighting a fresh piece where you could be picking up tiny parts of another colour although I’ve never come across this, I guess it could happen !?)
  8. mac_1au

    Tattooing Feet

    Buy one.... get one freeeeeee! 🤣
  9. mac_1au

    Tattooing Feet

    Maybe you had a secret foot fetish to be following the thread 🤔 .... or maybe you were hoping someone would find the best slippers in the world for your poor wee aching tootsies 😂, either way it’s good to see ya back man, how ya been?
  10. mac_1au

    Tattooing Feet

    Thanks for your input AND for revisiting an 8 year old topic but I don’t recall this being the “comfy slippers” forum.....🤔 🤪
  11. mac_1au

    Best rotary machine for linework ?

    You might get a better response from either a rotary forum or maybe a rotary Facebook page. A large percentage of guys here are dedicated coil users, I’m not saying there’s no one uses rotary here as I’m sure there are loads. The forum isn’t getting used as much these days due to other social media platforms taking over ( bit like the old chat rooms and that have all but disappeared)
  12. mac_1au

    Phoenix Ink by Valen

    I don’t really see why your idea of therapy should be fucking up the skin of others. I gave you constructive criticism when I said it step back a bit. heres some more advise.... have a look at some tattoos in magazines or on the internet and see how they compare to your feeble efforts... no comparison is there. At the very minimum you should try reproducing some old school flash and don’t try making up your own designs because seriously, it looks like the last time you were in any sort of art class was when you were around 10 years old, even basic shading seems to be missing from your work. You are a retired veteran so you have time on your hands, take an art class!
  13. mac_1au

    Phoenix Ink by Valen

    Step back a bit, you’re doing some really bad work that someone is gonna have to fix at a later date, but it’s always gonna have your name attached to it. This particular one just looks like a 3 year old found a sharpie while it was having an epileptic fit and the cowboy boots don’t look any better. i see you asked on another thread about ‘‘new/ darker stencil paper”.. have you ever used a stencil before? That’s where you place an ink outline of a picture your client wants and then you go over those very same lines with a tattoo machine. If you are shaking like a shitting dog then your tattoos will look as yours do. sorry for being a bit harsh but I’m in quite a good mood today 😉
  14. Don’t go away angry .... just GO AWAY!
  15. That’s cos you come across as an arrogant cunt that wants everything handed to you on a plate... probably one of tomorrow’s “wannabe” type of tattooist/rock-star. piece of advice for you, drop the attitude and you’ll maybe get answers to your questions. Serious people who join normally post a small intro about themselves and don’t just post a question which they expect to be answered immediately... just something to keep in mind the next time you drop in on some random forum
  16. 🤔obviously you don’t have google yet in your part of the world miss high and fuckin mighty. does it last longer? Maybe but India ink lasts too, so does soot mixed with urine! Is it less likely to get infected? That depends whether it’s made in a factory in China or by someone who has morals, also infection is mostly down to bad aftercare of a new tattoo anything else? Yes... now that you have had a proper reply as you are obviously too stupid or too lazy or both to search the World Wide Web and now that your rant is over and you realise what a fuckin twat you are , feel free to leave ( or stay , either way it’s your choice)😉
  17. Why do t you paint your car with ceiling paint or your walls with nail varnish? ... because there has been a lot of thought, trials and money spent on developing particular paints/ inks for specific purposes
  18. mac_1au

    How to: perfect lines in one go?

    It’s all down to experience, something like this is way too intricate for a novice to try. Maybe your machines aren’t suiting your hand speed or they need tuned better to suit how you work. The video (I’m watching on an iPhone) looks like the tattooist is working off the tube so the lines are almost guaranteed to ‘be in’ and ‘stay in’ the skin, but as I said , it all comes down to experience... the more you do , the easier it seems to get.
  19. mac_1au

    Help with tattoo yellow scabs

    You shouldn’t be having this problem with greens,.. red,white,yellow & pink I found at first were hard to see going in the skin but you should be way past that stage if you are in a studio,! Either get some input from other artists you work with or get to practicing with lighter colours on yourself as it can always be gone over at a later date with darker ones. if you were in a studio I owned and one more person returned with an overworked tattoo like that, I’m afraid you would be looking forward to unemployment benefits pretty quick just sayin’...
  20. mac_1au


    Sounds like your boss is a little methed up, but welcome to the trails anyway😉
  21. mac_1au

    Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    Check the date doll, this post is over 3 months old, if he’s still putting moisturiser on it now there’s something wrong! or maybe he’s been exfoliating it a bit too much 😉😂
  22. mac_1au

    Ink cleaning from plastic tips

    He also has an autoclave, but that doesn’t make him smart enough to be teaching anyone anything IMHO
  23. mac_1au

    Ink cleaning from plastic tips

    When you say you don’t use them on people”again” do you mean they have been used on people once before?🤔 sounds like you tattoo people and keep your used needles etc for your trainees man! Please dont take this the wrong way, but can you just go back under the rock you crawled out from and just stay there. And don’t ask anymore questions until you have at least some sort of vague idea of what you are doing wrong,...shit, even watch a few episodes of Miami ink or something similar
  24. mac_1au

    Ink cleaning from plastic tips

    you have students but you don’t know how to clean a tube? 🤔 Well for the price of disposables it’s letting students get used to bad practice.... THIS is part of the problem about why people learning on their own get branded as “dirty scratchers” and “kitchen magicians” ..... teach your students properly or don’t teach them at all! you are very much a part of this problem!