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  1. mac_1au

    Unhappy - feedback needed

    Unhappy with what exactly? You must have had some idea of what you were gonna get and must have seen stencils or some sketches at a bare minimum before ink hit your skin 🤔
  2. mac_1au

    Tattoo Ideas

    Yeah, google all that shit, you’ll find something you like 😉
  3. mac_1au

    My very first tattoo gun

    1. It goes between 1 mm & 2mm so that would make it approximately 1.5mm 2. if you can’t draw a straight line with a pen or pencil, don’t try it with a ‘gun’ 3. See #2 above about the straight lines & how long do you think it will take to shade a tattoo with a 3 needle? ( here’s a tip, needles are marked on the packaging they come in with exactly what they are, ie 3rl 5rl etc all the way up to about 18rl where the ‘rl’ part means round liner. shaders are marked similarly but have the letters ‘rs’ = round shader. Buying a tattoo machine without knowing the absolute basics is like buying a car with no driving experience, sooner or later someone is gonna get seriously fucked up. use uncle google for tattoo tutorials, or just type a question in the YouTube search box, I’m sure something will pop up😉 Are you aware that you should use 2 machines, one for lining and 1 for shading as they run at different speeds and put the ink in differently
  4. Probably because a few of us have been there. Although that was a long time ago when this place was jam-packed with others in the same boat and would chew each other out especially when it came to stuff like sanitation, the fact that some people’s idea of a tattoo is a hand drawn snake that resembles a worm with a tongue done in a bedroom or on a sofa with the cat usually in the background somewhere, playing with the leftover burger ,just doesn’t sit well with a group of people who are basically busting their asses to get into a shop, hence the flaming that goes on.
  5. mac_1au

    Hello from PA!

    Only book to my recollection that mentions ‘gun’🔫 would be eikons ‘machinegun magazine’ but that’s just me splitting hairs and uncle google had problems finding tattoo gun books and tattoo gun builders....Welcome to the forum and if you’re gonna search the archive it’s easier to find stuff to do with your guns if you use the term ‘machine’! Just saying 🤔
  6. mac_1au

    Hello from PA!

    First suggestion is to stop calling them “guns”...... guns kill people whereas tattoo machines don’t, they apply pigment/ink into a layer of skin usually in a pattern/picture/design which when done and cared for properly should last a lifetime 😉
  7. mac_1au

    Fresh tattoos loose colors after the crust goes off..

    Not going deep enough, poor stretch technique , poor aftercare but probably the first one maybe paired with a bit of the second one 🤔
  8. mac_1au

    Bad tattoo please help

    Get some eyes from a tiger with a smaller head then, cos we all know there’s nothing better than a little head😶
  9. mac_1au

    Touchy question

    So if the artist decided to go ahead and use “your” ink and the tattoo turns out shit or falls out or prematurely fades or gets infected, are you gonna blame the artist and give him a bad rap? We use certain inks because they are proven and suit what we do but mainly because we like them. How can your artist tell that it’s not soot from a burnt razor mixed with urine and put into a legitimate looking ink bottle (prison style) that you want him to use? So many things wrong with what you are asking but I hope this helps.
  10. mac_1au

    What should I use to wipe with while tattooing

    Wet is always less traumatic than dry but it’s easier to wipe your stencil off when wet, I use kitchen towel,white with no printed pattern and it seems to work fine for me and I’m sure a lot of other tattooists. I did have the chance to use a blue towel made by Kleenex which got discontinued and they were great , 1 sheet lasted like forever!
  11. mac_1au

    Grey Wash Probleme

    Apparently the human eye can pick out 14 shades of grey but for tattooing purposes there really is no need for any more than 4 shades, match that up with the other answers and you should start seeing a difference in your work
  12. mac_1au


    Yeah, just don’t read their posts! moderators can remove them but they don’t visit very often these days ☹️
  13. mac_1au


    It may as well be in Chinese for all the sense it made!
  14. mac_1au

    Get paid for a tattoo

    Hard one that, as if you ‘just do it’, you are in fact stealing a copyrighted logo and could possibly be sued (doubtful, but still possible) and advertising it on your stomach doesn’t exactly give it exposure to a massive audience so I personally don’t think Nike would be interested in your proposal ✔️
  15. mac_1au

    Over applied ointment? Did I ruin tattoo?

    Trust your artist and do what he tells you to do. If a painter puts up a sign saying ‘wet paint- do not touch’ , just follow the instructions. It’ll probably be ok with a touch up
  16. Here’s an original idea, pick an artist you admire or the one who you would like to do your tattoo and book an appointment/consultation with them , pass your info to them and take it from there.... nobody here is gonna spend time thinking about your ideas or doodling something up for you when they are not going to be doing the tattoo !
  17. mac_1au

    Girl/Boy UPC barcode on forehead

    some people deserve the tattoo they get!
  18. mac_1au

    Estimate: How Long Would This Take?

    Depends how detailed you want it, how quick the artist works, how many breaks you want to take etc etc. but you having been tattooed already are obviously in a position to state how long YOU think it would take. Get the artist who is doing it to give you a quote🤔
  19. mac_1au

    Tattooing over dark spots

    If a fully qualified dermatologist can’t answer your question I personally would play the safe card and not get a tattoo. You obviously understand what caused your reaction and also realise that some of the ingredients in tattoo ink/pigment has some nasty shit in it although in small doses but with your skin type could cause a very serious effect which could lead to even more serious health issues. Loads of people get armpit tattoos and don’t seem to have problems with them , but in your case I would just forget it and be happy that where your skin discolouration has happened is in a part that’s mostly hidden. Just my opinion
  20. mac_1au

    Cover - Up Advice

    Go to the artist you found and ask him/ her for ideas.
  21. mac_1au

    Tattoo infected

    Go to another doctor !
  22. mac_1au

    Tattoo infected

    Could be staph but I’m not a doctor, minimum treatment is that he should have prescribed some penicillin or similar antibiotic. This wasn’t caused by your artist but more than likely something you have touched/ rubbed against or a lack of hygiene on your part.
  23. mac_1au

    I Invented Tattoo Ink Shaking Machine.

    There are already ‘shaker’ machines on the market so you didn’t ‘invent’ anything , more like just stole another persons work