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    Tattooing over dark spots

    If a fully qualified dermatologist can’t answer your question I personally would play the safe card and not get a tattoo. You obviously understand what caused your reaction and also realise that some of the ingredients in tattoo ink/pigment has some nasty shit in it although in small doses but with your skin type could cause a very serious effect which could lead to even more serious health issues. Loads of people get armpit tattoos and don’t seem to have problems with them , but in your case I would just forget it and be happy that where your skin discolouration has happened is in a part that’s mostly hidden. Just my opinion
  2. mac_1au

    Cover - Up Advice

    Go to the artist you found and ask him/ her for ideas.
  3. mac_1au

    Tattoo infected

    Go to another doctor !
  4. mac_1au

    Tattoo infected

    Could be staph but I’m not a doctor, minimum treatment is that he should have prescribed some penicillin or similar antibiotic. This wasn’t caused by your artist but more than likely something you have touched/ rubbed against or a lack of hygiene on your part.
  5. mac_1au

    I Invented Tattoo Ink Shaking Machine.

    There are already ‘shaker’ machines on the market so you didn’t ‘invent’ anything , more like just stole another persons work
  6. mac_1au

    Help me to get some inspiration (fix)

    You should have checked it in the mirror before it was tattooed, not a lot you can do with it now except get the Arabic writing lasered and maybe redone a bit higher or get the moth lasered and have it redone a bit lower! 🙄
  7. mac_1au

    Problem with disposable tubes

    If your having that problem sometimes you need to cut the vice and make it into what is commonly referred to as a ‘swing-gate’ vice , that way it will fit any size tube.
  8. mac_1au

    Learning to Tattoo in my mid-30's - no chance?

    It won’t stop your machine from running, it just won’t run to its full potential
  9. mac_1au

    Learning to Tattoo in my mid-30's - no chance?

    And no need for brass shims, any shims should be steel as your coils are magnets and brass is non-magnetic 😉 dont waste money on a stencil printer if you’re just starting out, look for an old 24 pin dot matrix printer usually found in thrift shops
  10. mac_1au

    New member seeking advise

    Cheaper to get it laser treated in my opinion,at least that will lighten it whereas you’ll be paying an hourly rate for a tattooist to blast over it which may or may not work or may need a few sessions and then it’s more money! Just my thoughts on it 🤔
  11. mac_1au


    Rotary machines I don’t have a clue about apart from the fact that they usually have different cams so maybe that’s the problem you’re having , wrong cam for the wrong job which in effect is the same as using the wrong coil machine. The only rotary I’ve used was a Dan Kubin mini cranker that one of the moderators on here kindly sent me to try.
  12. mac_1au


    You sure you’re not using a shading machine for lining and vice-versa ? the outline of the swallow looks waaay too thick as does some of your script, looks like it will be almost unreadable in 3-5 years, the little heart looks like you just went too fast and barely scraped the skin. I feel maybe the issues could be from your machines and how you are using them, that is to say that maybe your machine speed and hand speed ain’t quite in harmony !
  13. mac_1au


    At a guess I would say not enough stretch on the skin. Needle is going in but the elasticity of the skin means it’s not going deep enough.
  14. mac_1au

    Tattoo still itchy and bumpy.

    It’s probably itchy because your hair is growing back. It’ll settle eventually like any other skin trauma/ cuts/ scratches
  15. mac_1au

    Kanji check

    Ask the next time you are in your local Chinese restaurant. other option is to type the words individually followed by ‘kanji’ and if there are several different sites/ pics with the same symbol then that’s what you want.
  16. Only where the tattoo is or is it on the other side too? 🤔 if only around the tattoo maybe you got yourself an infection, but after 2 weeks it sounds unlikely. As David said.. don’t use the soap, or just change to any brand of cheap ‘pump’ type antibacterial one like dettol or Palmolive
  17. mac_1au

    Is this tattoo design well made?

    Terrible... does that translate to something like ‘ I love fattys’ ?🤔
  18. mac_1au

    Anyone tried any of the black and grey ink sets?

    Mix your own , even try different blacks for mixing. Works out much cheaper in the long run.
  19. mac_1au

    Traditional Floral Tattoo for men

    Peony and cherry blossom can both be pink, just remember that in Japanese style flowers there is no black shading! just ask uncle google
  20. It all depends how fast you want it to run !
  21. mac_1au

    First tat—campfire/bonfire

    Stop being so helpful mark! 😂
  22. mac_1au

    Diamond Tip HELP

    True but it leaves less room for ink in the tube so beginners might struggle a bit doing longer lines. If your needles fitted perfectly in a tube there probably would be no need to use rubber bands to stop them moving around. Right now I’m using 9 bug pin liners in standers 5 tubes
  23. mac_1au

    First tat—campfire/bonfire

    Indian wigwam with a bonfire and maybe a cactus and a setting sun, traditional style
  24. mac_1au

    Indoor skydiving with a new tattoo

    Don’t do it, the rush of wind will just blow your tattoo away 💨 💨 💨...... ok... Next stupid question? 🤔
  25. mac_1au

    Back Spring Issues

    Clean the tip of your contact screw with a bit of sandpaper to start. Did you strip the machine down? Re-assembled it with a wire touching the frame where it shouldn’t? are the springs set properly with the rear spring on the bottom ( under) the front spring?