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  1. Shaking my fuckin head.......😫
  2. Depends if you're painting portraits or the toilet door πŸ˜‚
  3. the 'line' in the middle of the hand should be curved the other way in my opinion as that is the more prominent line on anyones hand. have a look at your own hand for comparison, and yes, you do have a fold there but the pic isn't realism so I think you tried too hard to put in a lesser detail. Its not really a big deal, but can be confusing to another artist .apart from that its a nice start
  4. try refining your search to 'undead girl tattoo' or 'undead lady' or similar,there are literally thousands that you can get ideas from, or on the other hand you can always go talk to an artist and ask for something to be drawn up specifically for you, you will probably be charged a deposit but the money usually comes off the price when you get the tattoo done, or maybe that's why your here looking to score a free drawing?
  5. Nice, and you are sharing it with us because...? πŸ€”
  6. You didn't feel confident that he was using the correct ink?!?! i don't know what you do for a living but that's like someone with no experience in your line of work telling you how to do your job. Covering any kind of tribal is a hard enough job without choosing white to have it covered with! In my opinion let the artist do what he does best and don't interfere. just saying! πŸ€”
  7. So really what you are saying is you want to "assemble" your own machines (big difference between building and assembling!)
  8. Are you sure it was green soap? Maybe he picked up his wash-bottle and just added plain old water ( as that's what some artists use) How much do you actually know about the tattooing process? Distilled water or witchazel is the norm for 'diluting' or thinning ink/ pigment.Was this done in a shop or someone's kitchen? Most infections come from poor aftercare like NOT following the aftercare instructions that you were given. Is it a colour tattoo? If so, there are a lot of red inks out there that many people have bad reactions to. A pic might help
  9. What a joke, did laugh however at the names of the people doing this... Dolyttle and Seamore,do little work and see more cash! Fuckin scamming cunts, go out and get a real job ya ponce bastards and don't try to coin in from others hard work and effort, by the way the sugar skull on your page looks like it was done in a kitchen, so who are some of these other 800 artists that will be featured in your "great book scam"?
  10. Lol, I just noticed at does look a wee bit like a cross
  11. Here's another wee shader I built a while back runs like a dream thanks to the wes coils, its mild steel polished to a mirror finish
  12. There actually is a part to the forum called "the library", Section for discussing books, videos and reference materials. Note: Please DO NOT share or post links to copyrighted material. I'm pretty sure you can post there even though you are a 'junior' member. as David says it's tattoo related but I think you are missing the whole point of this forum like a lot of new members who are constantly asking "what should I get for my first/second/cover up etc....The main aim here is to help those who would like to become tattooists learn without being in a shop. Artwork, technical aspects of tattooing, hygiene , machine tuning etc. No artist is gonna give away hints and tips in an interview which is what people on here are here for! MacπŸ˜‰
  13. So Lola is chucked on the scrap heap? , then again I'm sure Nippy described it as something like a scrap pirate ship or something like that! πŸ˜‰
  14. 11 rl doesn't mean you go over the line 11 times ! I really hope this is on yourself as your lines are a bit all over the place like someone with advanced Parkinson's disease tattooed it. You say you noticed the inconsistency in the clouds.... what about the top lines of SLL the sails?
  15. I'm sure Fax machines are thermal unlike a dot matrix/ impact printer which will work with either hand draw stencil paper or thermal stencil paper.fax machines do work as I used one about 7 years ago but can be a bit of a pain in the ass to get used to reversing your drawing. Try hunting down a cheap 24 pin dot matrix printer it'll save you some heartache
  16. ...and out of the whole internet you found a skull with half a mask and a butterfly πŸ€”I think you never looked very hard!
  17. .. im not here to answer some damn questions im here becuse i want some tattoo ideas.. THAT response is what makes you look like you're arrogant and the world owes you something, Buy some tattoo magazines or go to google images and type in 'tattoo ideas' I'm sure you'll find something you like or get an idea from, but to come onto a forum and ask "what should I get tattooed" is like stopping strangers in the street and asking them. Nobody except you knows what your tastes or preferences are and 99.9% of people can't read minds contrary to what you read on Facebook
  18. If you're just gonna be an arrogant dickhead you can just fuck off right now . Now THATS an idea.
  19. If your friend owns a studio why not have him draw something up for youπŸ€”
  20. Not forgetting thickness of springs, length of springs, capacitors, air gap etc... you'll probably think you've opened a small can of worms only to discover that it's more like the Tardis πŸ˜‰
  21. So what part of the skin don't you want to 'tare up' ? As not every area of the body has the same type of skin , some parts are tougher than others ( elbows) some parts are more tender ( inner arm bicep area) and the list goes on. Personally I've never heard of a 'script' liner πŸ€” So it must be one of those new godamn hipster things.
  22. I really do think that DaGG should try to get out more often ,or maybe the state facility holding him/her doesn't allow unsupervised day-release 😏
  23. Are we back in kindergarten now? πŸ€” what a fuckin ridiculous post to make on this forum
  24. Haven't tried the colours, but had the ultra black and the lining. Lack a few years ago and wasn't disappointed with either. Then I was pointed in the direction of Waverly dark black and haven't looked back. If the black Buddha colours are as nice as the black I would probably take a chance ( maybe see if they have a "sample set", just in case you either don't like them or they cause problems/ reactions on peopleπŸ€” just my tuppence worth πŸ˜‰
  25. Upside down or the right way upπŸ€”.....decisions, decisions! πŸ˜‚