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  1. Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    Yeah, you’re right...
  2. ideas for existing tattoo

    I is always a capital , poor grammar or dyslexic tattooist. Find a more mature artist who at least finished primary school 😏
  3. Healing Tattoo

    That’s a pretty magnified pic, just accept the ‘tattoo’ you got and stop nitpicking, it adds character to it. It can’t be much bigger than 12mm high and it’s not even a tattoo.... it’s a line... nothing more .. nothing less. If on the other hand it was writing or a proper tattoo with lights, darks coulours etc then I’m sure the artist would have disguised the blowout with a bit of shading or colour.
  4. Back of leg at your calf, dunno what part of the world you’re from but if you wear shorts then it’s probably the closest part you’ll get to the shoulder as it’s a similar shape but probably lends itself a bit better to the design you want , also I imagine you want to ‘show it off’ . Otherwise just pick a nice piece of flash, tattoos DONT have to have a meaning, if you like a pic and want it inked on you for life just go for it, other than that try asking your mum because not one of us on here even know you or what are your likes, dislikes etc yet you come here asking a bunch of strangers what to do🤔
  5. I married one, once upon a time .... it wasn’t a dragon when we first met.... blah blah blah..... killed that dragon and lived happily ever after 😉
  6. Depends if your dragon has 3 claws or 4 claws 🤔
  7. Tattoo Healing Advice

    I cant see anything wrong with it either.....
  8. Hi

    If it does exist I can’t find it🤔 yeah the old one was a bit easier to navigate or maybe I was just too accustomed to the layout 😉
  9. Most suppliers only stock maybe 4-5 brand names as far as I know, so you may have to search a bit for one that sells multiple different brands and chose your reds from there,
  10. Or you could try Bill Stevenson from www.waverlycolor.com , pretty sure they have sample sets and their prices are good for what you get, only downfall would be shipping as they are in USA. just checked and a sample set is $67 which consists of..... Primary 1oz set now including 2oz bottles of Dark Black and Bluebird. This set is ideal for traveling and conventions, also good for the artist interested in trying Waverly Color before investing in larger sets. Includes: White, Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Medium Blue, Green, Magenta, Brown, Purple, Dark Black, and Bluebird.
  11. I need ideas for new tattoos

    Sounds like you have a good start on most of the latest trends, follow on with an infinity symbol morphing into a flock of bird 🦅 silhouettes with a mandala at the centre in white ink 😉 and get get it upside down because it’s for YOU 🤣
  12. I need help choosing an artist

    Yeah one of those guys should be fine 😉
  13. HELP building a machine from scratch

    Plus cheap shitty machines are ‘close’ to proper expensive machines but most times the geometry is out and the parts it comes with are made to suit that particular machine, so buying from a reputable/ quality builder/ supplier/ whatever is just gonna cause you more problems trying to get “proper sized” parts to fit a “fucked up” frame.... just my opinion if you do decide to take this road be prepared to do a lot of trimming and shimming 😕
  14. Infected Tattoo?

    ...or your doctor or your grandma (secret old style remedies like bread poultices!) but definitely looks overworked AND infected, so don’t leave it too long or it could spread and before you know it your dick might fall off 👌
  15. Danny Fowler machines is it real?

    Wouldn’t buy off anyone who keeps there ‘tat guns’ in their bedroom🤔 ...just sayin’
  16. Sublime Sun Lining

    yeah I realized that after posting that it was an album cover, looks like shit to me but im a grumpy old git apparently. Try drawing something original that's within your capabilities,I seen your rose and you even made that look painful. take smaller steps and you'll get there in the end. After I read your post on the sublime sun thing I got a bit worried when you said you were ready to stencil it......please tell me you're NOT gonna transfer that to stencil paper to tattoo on someone?
  17. Sublime Sun Lining

    The concept is there but it needs to be more symmetrical it just looks like a lop-sided doodle and the moustache thingy is way off. Nothing wrong with using a protractor ,a glass or a plate for a circle if it’s gonna help 😉
  18. neck scars vs tattoos

    He could always wear a burka, they’re fashionable at the moment....apparently!
  19. Ideas to complete tattoo

    Maybe some more light bulbs 💡to brighten it up a bit. 🤣 lol, I fuckin crack me up sometimes! 😂
  20. Hero tattoo help

    A contest?! 🤔 lol 🤣
  21. neck scars vs tattoos

    Grow yourself a nice hipster beard . The turtle neck sounds like a good plan but it’s sooooo 1970’s 🤣
  22. Go back to your artist and say " I'm here to get this finished ....properly !"
  23. Here's a suggestion... stay away from the artist who placed the hawk there.... surely you seen the stencil after it was applied??
  24. Disappearing tattoo ink

    Invisible ink? That makes sense ..... to hipsters who want to follow trends. why would you pay ( good money, as I assume the artist would still charge a decent rate! )for a tattoo only to have it disappear ? 🤔 Pretty sure that you will die penniless AND stupid, but that's just my personal opinion 😂