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  1. mac_1au

    Need inspiration for foot tattoo

    🤔 don’t you have google yet in your part of the world?
  2. mac_1au

    Bloodlining over blowup

    A blowout is usually caused by either going too slow and over charging the skin with ink or going too deep ( into the fatty layer of skin) this is why it spreads . So you want to either cause a pimple to see if it works by bloodlining it which means going too deep yet again 🤔 sounds like you don’t know jack 💩 just my opinion.!
  3. mac_1au

    Bloodlining over blowup

    🤔you sure you didn’t nt just have a bad reaction to some ‘non prescription meds’ and had a bad but vivid dream about this?😬
  4. In your first post you wanted it similar but not exact ( kudos for not getting a copy of another artists/ clients work)You have to remember that it is an unfinished tattoo, amputation is another alternative🤪
  5. Fabio does know his shit and makes smashing machines too
  6. Just to let you know ..... nobody here GIVES A FUCK!
  7. Get a hamburger 🍔
  8. mac_1au

    Trying to find...

    Either go back and search Pinterest again or take your thoughts of what you want,to a tattooist of your choice and have him/her draw something up for you. I don’t think many people here use Pinterest unless it’s for an idea or reference but not just to copy a drawing and turn it into a tattoo!
  9. mac_1au

    Helix Tattoo Fades Within Days?

    An outline won’t make the colour ‘stay’ but it should stop it looking like you have a nasty rash on your ear....
  10. mac_1au

    Helix Tattoo Fades Within Days?

    Pink flower on pink skin!..., not a good idea without an outline like Adam said. yeah it looks great at first, but then again they all do, you have to take into consideration how they will last over the years. Looks like pink, red and white have been used , white isn’t in my opinion a favourite for holding well in some skin types but you may be lucky 😉
  11. How about another clock with his birth time🤔 or maybe you could ask your local artist or even use google.
  12. mac_1au

    Tattoo gone wrong. Really need advice.

    Should have checked out the stencil in a mirror . Adding to the one on ‘your’ left hand side is all I can think off to bring it nearer to centre
  13. mac_1au

    Skin markers throw em away?

    Scrooge! Lol i know what you mean,I just open and set up as I need to... give them a smoke break while you set up another machine/ needle then you won’t be tossing new unused but opened needles 😉
  14. mac_1au

    Proper Introduction

    I know what you mean Rob,Nothing like learning from a mentor but also learning from others who have made mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes. Get your apprentice to have a look, there is a goldmine of info here that even a good mentor may have overlooked.
  15. mac_1au

    Proper Introduction

    Welcome to the forum Rob, you may have missed it at its most active point as social media as you know seems to have killed off most forums. there doesn’t seem to be a lot of regulars left here anymore. Most new members are knobheads who are asking about what tattoo they should get next! There are a billion posts in the archives but being in a shop as a seasoned artist I don’t imagine you would need to read most of them, but if you’re ever stuck with anything I’m sure a quick search of the archives would throw up some answers ...but remember to take everything with a pinch of salt as this forum was set up to help people who would like to “become” tattooists as opposed to those doing the apprenticeship thing due to numerous reasons. So any answers to any questions may be right or may be wrong! Many members from here have gone on to be successful tattooists and some successful tattooists have also joined up and given a lot of help and assistance to members. The deal is here to educate people on the best and cleanest way to go about tattooing, the do’s and dont’s, it’s not about promoting scratching from your bedroom for a 6 pack and a pack of smokes. Mac 😉