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  1. Healing process question

    it'll be fine, just don't over-do the moisturizer, and DON'T pick it when its itchy, just give it a gentle slap, that usually takes the itch away
  2. Healing process question

    Just leave it alone now, very small amount of moisturiser couple of times a day and she’s cinnamon be fine.scabbing should happen in next day or so and should basically be healed completely by about day 10 with maybe a few hard spots of scab left, but not knowing what you have makes it a bit harder to judge
  3. In my opinion I think your artist got a bit confused between ‘reflection’ and ‘shadow’ , the later would be longer where the former should be approx the same/ mirror image 🤔
  4. New Transfer Paper - super dark transfer!

    I would rather have it still there at the end too. Just make the purple lines black , pretty easy really 😉
  5. Help with tattoo design

    That looks more like a bumper sticker than a tattoo....just saying! 🤔
  6. Is there any etiquette to this

    Ask your apprentice for a reasonable answer as to why he went to another shop ( maybe they have an artist who specialises in something nobody’s at your shop does, but that’s just me thinking aloud) if his answer is unacceptable then give him an ultimatum, if he likes their work so much fuck off and go work there! whatever you do, you can sleep with a clear conscience as you were shit on big time IMHO
  7. Not exactly what I wanted...

    Amputation is always a good alternative 🤔
  8. Machine too fast or hand speed too slow, either that or too much stretch when tattoo being done IMO , oooorrrrr.... you have a reaction to the invisible ink🤔 maybe you’re also having problems maintaining an erection for any more than a minute or so... if so let us help.Here at Ink Trails tattoo forum we deal with many many many different problems from people from all walks of life, everything from stupidity to herpes and marital issues to broke down cars, but since your problem seems to be a medical one and most members only have the doctors degree they found at the bottom of their breakfast cereal box, it looks like your are bang out of luck today 😢 No one is available right now to answer your query ....Please try again later! goodbye 👋
  9. New tattoo artist

    Read up on all the old posts on here, drop the $20 for the lifetime membership if you are anywhere serious about tattooing as it gets you access to a lot more info. Step back and grab some pigskin and practice your lines/shading/fill, find out what your machines are actually suited for whether lining shading etc . Don’t nt make your hand speed suit the machine, make the machine suit you. I’m not gonna comment on the tattoos as we have all done some shit at one time or another. Just slow down and do t let people pressure you into tattooing them just because you’ve got ‘guns’, wait until YOU think you’re ready because remember you’re still gonna have your name attached to bad ink regardless of how famous you get 😉
  10. New tattoo artist

    I like the detail in the X in the middle, but I think the grey saturation although well executed , takes away from the main object...in other words I think theres too much background. but that's just my opinion!
  11. Design Idea

    Yep, get a big tree wearing a pair of Nike trainers 👟👟 And under it "When you walk, your step will not be hampered; and if you run, you will not stumble."- Proverbs 4:12 I’m getting all fuckin emotional now
  12. It’s probably not as fucked as you think, let it heal and then you’ll know for sure. In the future listen to what your artist tells you, he/ she has probably been doing it a long time. The Saran Wrap is usually only applied to keep it protected until you get home and can give it a good clean but 20 hours is well in excess of the recommended time, 3-4 hours maximum and don’t re-wrap it. It’s an open wound and has to breath to heal
  13. Yes you did, you were given pretty fuckin clear instructions and couldn’t even follow them, now that your tattoo is fucked and will either need redone or your arm will need chopped off ! You decided that you knew better than your artist so you deserve all you get in my honest opinion
  14. Hello Everyone

    You really should get out more often! no friends or family who know anything about computers and yet you managed to find this particular forum? Did you read anything about the forum or did you just see the word tattoo and signed up. You sound like the kind that is just seeking attention, I mean you don’t know jack shit about anyone here and yet we all now know the basics about your life-story. There are probably 10,000 people getting tattooed somewhere in the world at any given time, how cluttered do you think a forum like this would get if they all decided to post their tattoo for ‘critiques’ or opinions?