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  1. PAINT

    Thundercats Hooooo!!!

    X2 this things patchy as hell
  2. PAINT

    Rooster And Pig

    fan fucking tastic bro, love em... awesome..
  3. PAINT

    Tattoo Turns Out To Be Too Light

    to shallow, to deep, crap ink, crap machines who knows.... put up a photo, there could be a number of reasons your tattoos turn out "to light" what were you practicing on before hitting your mates skin? should hit your own legs before hitting anyone else, im a firm believer in the lessons learned there.
  4. PAINT

    Ink Cap Size

  5. PAINT

    Micky Sharpz?

    post up a photo, theres so many fakes out there id be weary buying one unless from a friend or the man him self
  6. PAINT

    First Fake Skin

    you can do a tattoo only using lines, thoes twigs would look nice shaded just with lines, but the big areas of solid black you would just be chewed up burger meat. get some pig skin much better to practice on, nice work on the fake skin though.. never tried that stuff my self, heard it was crap and about as far from real skin as you can get.
  7. PAINT

    Color Suggestion

    witchhazel..... i prefer thinner inks
  8. PAINT

    Color Suggestion

    agree on starbrights country blue, goes in easy and heals nice and bright, i use it alot.
  9. PAINT


  10. PAINT

    My 2Nd Tattoo Ever

    yeah i take it you mustve already run out of room on your legs if your hitting other people? my legs are a mess of finished and half finished tattoos, trials and errors... best way to learn.
  11. PAINT

    Wtf Is This ?!?!

    yeah i get it to... normally from google site searches, but somtimes when i type ink-trails up the top to.... then if you hit the back button it will bring you to where you wanted to go...been going on for months...
  12. PAINT

    Machine Slows Then Completely Stops

    and if cleaning the contacts doesnt work id blame your coils.... i had the same issues with a machine i was building, would go for about 10 mins then start to die, i changed all the hardware new frame new springs contacts blah blah blah except the coils, tuned up about 3 different setups with different frames with these coils in the end i swapped out the coils for some different ones and all ran sweet... not sure why, i suspected the frame was getting magnatized or somthing along thoes lines, ive since just thrown thoes coils into the pile of unused machine parts...
  13. PAINT


    i wanna see this seagull on your mums head.....
  14. PAINT

    Bulldog, Walker, Jonsey...

    i dont really think youll get a definite answer, different strokes for different folks, im not a fan of bulldogs for anything other then color packers.
  15. PAINT

    Ass Tattoos