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  1. skyn yard

    All In A Day At The Yard. F***d Up Sh*t

    YES!!!!!!!! i'll do a vag badger anytime hahah as for line work i used a 9r for all of these set up in my jeff srsic liner. the needles did see a little heat before i used them though to widen em up a bit
  2. anal dweling but monkey dog poop cats that look like they got high bunny shit and to top it off. a dunce drunk smoking monkey. haha everybody should spend a day at the yard at least once. you couldnt make that shit up.
  3. skyn yard

    Another " What Machine Should I Get"

    what that mark bloke said!!!!! lol
  4. skyn yard

    I'm A Big Fat Gay Boy

    wa ha ha ha. that was fun fun fun.
  5. skyn yard

    Mao.... Coleman Shader

    best shader i own is a scott sylvia henry liner. its so adaptable as a shader. can do soft portrait shit right through to solid black with a 13 mag. believe it or not i hate it for lining . haha i also have the henry shader he does and think the liner is far better for shading. NO SHIT MAN really is the best shader ever
  6. skyn yard

    Las Vegas Tattoo Studios

    anybody know of a good studio in las vegas. my sister is heading over with her fella and he wants a lil birthday tattoo
  7. skyn yard

    Week 115 Contest. (Play On Words)

    cant see a problem with letting it run another week i made it stupidly short didnt really think chappy may i have that eskimo for my studio? its amazing lol
  8. skyn yard

    Week 115 Contest. (Play On Words)

    amazing lol.....................i meant like a no eyed deer kind of play on words lol a dinosaur eating curry (mega sore arse ) hahaha you get the idea
  9. skyn yard

    Week 115 Contest. (Play On Words)

    This week´s contest is plays on words.... for example amy birds bringing home the bacon wallet or a no eyed deer (gettin one tattooed soon lol) anyway you get the idea. should be fun and leaves plenty scope for some crazy shit.......peace Contest ends Saturday 14th may Rules 1:- Original Art ONLY 2:- Each member may submit only ONE entry per week 2:- Pencil, Pen, Ink, Crayon, Paints, watercolor etc... 3:- NO Digital or Photoshop (unless your cropping or making it a smaller size) 4:- Week ends on Saturday at midnight eastern time. 5:- Art must be "Tattooable." 6:- Nothing you drew a month ago is allowed, must be Original/New stuff from every contestant 7:- If you feel the need to Prove your work, please provide evidence of this. (entirely up to you) 8:- NO High Jacking of the weekly thread what so ever!! Most important RULE is HAVE FUN
  10. skyn yard

    Week 114 Contest Poll

    yay did i win something...........there was some ace bits of art in that lot. im chuft. i dont have a clue how to set a new comp up so if someone would help i'll be super chuft cheers guys any suggestions for next comp would be great
  11. skyn yard

    A Good Song To Tattoo To

    i like to listen to these little fuckers.................i sponsor them. they are 19-20 years old and will be playing a 10 year aniversary gig in a months time...... rock your fucking socks off http://www.myspace.com/cb6
  12. skyn yard

    Straight To Skin No Reference

    haha i want to get into this alot!!!!!!!!!!!! its so cool. i think if i had reference i could do it alot easier. it would be cool to get to a point it felt natural
  13. skyn yard

    Straight To Skin No Reference

    did this little banger on charlie (skyn yard apprentice) i had no pic to work from no stencil and no pen lines. just got stuck in. the darker are at back of head is a little over worked as i made it slightly bigger than i first lined it was super fun and im very greatfull for the expierience. CHEERS CHARLIE BOY
  14. skyn yard

    Another Girl

    i want an amy bird painting for my shop
  15. skyn yard

    Week 134 Contest: Don't Fear The Reaper

    thanks people............. you should pop and see us. it would be ever so fun. a few days ago we played airsoft in the shop and had a flash bang go off. it was funny but made the shop smell like poop i need to get a we're all mad here sign above the door lol