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  1. Watercolor Techniques

    Stephen Player new link
  2. Frankenstein

    Full color frank portrait Frankenstein
  3. Do you have the links for the watercolor techniques? The links in the sticky post seem to be broken and I would love to learn more about watercolors. Thanks in advance - Steve

  4. Wassup hommie!? hows the shop goin? It's been a while since i've stopped by. I'll have to come in a kick it. Tell Noel i said what's up.

  5. Huge Modified Sailor Jerry Piece

    Shes breaking up the band
  6. Snail On My Head!!!!

    you guys need straight jackets
  7. I'm In Usa Today

    Oh Fudge the dude with the bucket hat. My bad nope.
  8. Tongue Tattoo....

    p.s. that girl has a hairy chin.
  9. Tongue Tattoo....

    Please stop, you guys make me cry every time I open one of your posts. Think about the children.
  10. I'm In Usa Today

    its in a blog i got other stuff floating in other mags
  11. I'm In Usa Today

    who the fuck is frank lol
  12. I'm In Usa Today

    Client submittedthis. Next level Krunk Maneuver
  13. More Stuff For Ya'll To Look At

    Self palm tattoos. You guys are crazy
  14. More Stuff For Ya'll To Look At

    To the Skyn Yard guys. Amazing work but I think you guys are a little nuts.
  15. Wings Finished

    Wish there was no cross