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  1. Scotty@Oztatz

    Equipment From Australia?

    Sam, as you were informed, we are in the middle of moving to bigger and better premises and orders have been on delay for ovr a week. And as stated on the phone 2 days ago, I will make sure your BACKORDER will get out asap. I did apologised for the delay did I not? I evensaid I will refund the amount of the back order but I can't do that while a paypal dispute for the entire order is on the go.
  2. Scotty@Oztatz

    Look What I Picked Up!

    Thanks for the chat man.
  3. Scotty@Oztatz

    Look What I Picked Up!

  4. Scotty@Oztatz

    Look What I Picked Up!

    Good work Mark101. haha. yeh i bought it from Dart.
  5. Scotty@Oztatz

    Look What I Picked Up!

    Original builder yes
  6. Scotty@Oztatz

    Look What I Picked Up!

    I got this for a steal.
  7. Scotty@Oztatz

    Black Ink......

    ONE is the best black on the market IMO
  8. Scotty@Oztatz

    What I Did Today

    Nice work Johnnie
  9. Scotty@Oztatz

    Reaction To Tattoo Goo?

    Hi guys, we are the AU dist for Tattoo Goo and yes there are some people that Tattoo Goo reacts with on certain colours and they dont know why. It reacts badly with my wife on white ink, any brand.
  10. Scotty@Oztatz

    As Of Dec 1st

    Well done JD. you deserve man.
  11. Great promotion. $13 to $50 tattoos for Friday the 13th. Many studios around the world run this promotion so we are too. Talented new artists, upteen million flash designs for viewing pleasure. Queensland studio. Cheers
  12. Scotty@Oztatz

    Oztatz Are You Out There???

    Ha, keyboard Rambo. Nice.
  13. Scotty@Oztatz

    No More Time

    Oztatz is sorry to say that we will not be on here anymore. With 2 shops open now and the online store, we are under the pump everyday with orders. We have seen this place grow with members and it was good to be a part of. We do tell new artists to come to this site and read all they can. Those that want to contact me do it as you usually do. The website has all of our details. Cheers
  14. Scotty@Oztatz

    Oztatz Are You Out There???

    Again, Mushyhead, I will ask you to straighten your own affairs before attempting to comment on others.
  15. Scotty@Oztatz

    Oztatz Are You Out There???

    OK, Itat2u, found another site to try on hey. Ya got silenced on the other for talkin shit so now ur here. Nice. As I stated in my last email, we are done dealing with you. You got your order and it was proven. See ya Stillbirth, I believe we are now sorted right? Buggy, I spoke to you 2.5 weeks ago regarding your tubes right? I said I would get them out to you right? And so it is done. You shall have your tubes mid week next week. We just opened a second supply shop so we have been away from the office. Cheers.