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  1. long time ago....but still the contest is still a good challenge...i'm in...anyone else?
  2. love skulls, but anyway...i`m in...
  3. this is mine....
  4. build a new footswitch and machine for my girlfriend..... very smooth running soft shader with 8wrap coils and three new frames for nightcrawler tattoo
  5. 286 grams looks very heavy but it`s good to handle...
  6. found some time...... thats mine
  7. hey hoh! does anyone have some links or pics for non typical zodiac signs i don`t mean the typical signs or the chinese....... looking for something more special like indian or anything else...... looking especially for the aquarius.... hope some guys could help me.... greetz
  8. made 2 new frames and oil dipped them.....
  9. great frames!!!!! i love this style!!!!!
  10. great machine man! did you used it yet?
  11. welcome to heaven best forum in the world!!!!!! greetz
  12. another neighbour!!!!!! greetz from germany!!!
  13. hell yeah..... a neigbour...greetz from germany!!!!
  14. welcome and greetz!!!!
  15. greetz and welcome!!!!
  16. my try....
  17. a lot of machine frames has got an oil finish.... did anyone know how i can do this at home??? damn...did anybody understand me
  18. great stuff man!!!
  19. looks great!!!!!! building is a big fun!!!!! i know this prob... "I got a little too excited and put it together before the lacquer was totally dry so I gotta recoat it sometime. "
  20. think the cap is damaged...
  21. thats mine
  22. WOW!!!!!!!!
  23. hey there! I`m using the sailor jerry black for tribalfilling..... never use it for linings..... if you`re looking for a good supplier have a look at they send to everyone... greetz
  24. could anyone explain what tranny fluid is? sorry, from germany and don`t know what it is......
  25. hey hoh! stupid question.... i`ve opened the ink trails and i have got no more background....only white! could it be my pc or is it a prob with my settings? the forum looks so boring at the moment... ........ would like to post a pic of it but haven`t the upload button into the reply window...... very curious....